The manager records the mammogram - and receives a live diagnosis of shock 2

The manager records the mammogram – and receives a live diagnosis of shock

But Meyer was only 40 when a small idea turned her life upside down. During Breast Cancer Month in October 2018, the presenter decided to use her popularity to bring attention to cancer screening. She wanted to take her fans to a mammogram on Facebook – broadcasting a live meeting online.

Presentation films first mammogram

But what was planned as a positive action has taken a shocking turn. While many people watched Ali Meyer examine her breast tissue, she was given an unexpected diagnosis. The doctors did not respond as they had imagined.

And with one swing the lightness of the live stream was lost – because something unusual was actually found in Alia's chest.

A few days later, great security ensued: she had breast cancer. Two cancers were detected in the cancer of the moderator. Months of research followed, mastectomy, implant placement.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis: When Everything Has Changed

Although the mammogram does not work as the presenter once envisioned, she decided against stopping the action. She kept her followers on the rocky path from mammography to breast cancer treatment.

A year later, Ali Meyer is reviewing the diagnosis. In a video on Facebook, she recalls moments that seemed so surreal at the time. You can see photos of a woman full of passion for life, who poses positively and brilliantly to mammography center staff. "I thought it would be easy, not a big deal." says today's Ali "then my heart slid in my pants", In tears, she shares her feelings with her followers, openly acknowledging that she had a different vision than breast moon.

But after the shock, it quickly draws new strength. She continues to record – talking to her fans during conversations with doctors, further checkups, even a mastectomy. Because today she knows that a live mammogram saved her life – otherwise she would have discovered cancer much later. This year, Ali Meyer shared his control online. And this time, the video ended the way she wanted in 2018: with relief. But Meyer is cancer-free.

Presenting such a painful live moment to the public at first may sound cruel. For Ali Meyer, however, her overt vulnerability turned into something good. She is happy about the support she received through social media.

The exhibitor's story shows how important precautions are. And she encourages: the sooner cancer is discovered, the better the chances of recovery. You can read about typical breast cancer warning signs here and learn more about breast cancer risk factors.