The new regulation also limits the clearances of Kehler vending machines 2

The new regulation also limits the clearances of Kehler vending machines

The new federation game regulation allows only two instead of three machines per restaurant since November 10th. But will the total number of slot machines in Kehl decrease significantly? The city is skeptical.

According to a press release from the city government, there are 671 gambling machines in Kehl at the moment: 327 in gambling halls, 344 in restaurants (so-called slot machines). If, however, the new Federal Gaming Regulations enter into force on November 10, that will change: then, as the town hall says, there are only two restaurants – instead of the previous three slot machines per restaurant. Compliance with the new regulation is overseen by the Communal Police Service (COD). It is said that it is not yet possible to tell how many automata in Kehl will be exactly reduced.

In terms of vending machines / residents, Kehl has had the highest density in Baden-Württemberg for many years, according to the city government, probably even in the federal government at. The city could not intervene here by regulating. That gaming devices can be installed in restaurants and how many, especially the federal government. How long the restaurants are open, again decide the state – the difference between restaurants with and without gaming machines does not exist here, explains the city government, the legal framework. Such small and micro restaurants can be set up anywhere where homeowners were willing to hire an operator.

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According to City Hall, there are currently three vending machines in Kehl in 104 bistros, and in each of the sixteen other vending machines there are two, one in each case. From a purely mathematical standpoint, the entry into force of the new overnight gaming rules would reduce the number of automatic machines by 104 by 104. However, this calculation will not work, as explained by Nico Tim Glöckner, Head of Civil Service, Security and Order: In recent weeks the city has received eleven new restaurant applications – except for one inn, Glöckner reports, all search tools above. In total, there were 22 restaurant permit applications in 2019; this number already includes tenant changes. There have been only a few requests for construction to split the restaurant, and some of them have already been rejected by the city administration, city hall continues.
New gaming ordinance also affects city budget: In November 2018, the legislature already made it difficult to access slot machines, shortened maximum playing time and limited losses. As a result, it said, the city's revenue from entertainment taxes fell 20 percent.

The Faculty of Financial Services expects almost five million euros for 2019 – in the past years, entertainment tax has already contributed six million euros to cover city spending. The budget foresees an approach of EUR 4.8 million for 2020, which the management considers too optimistic.

Gaming halls are not affected

In easy-to-use pedestrian vending machines, he averages about 4,000 euros a month, according to Gerd Siebeneichner in the area of ​​local taxes. The city collects between $ 500 and $ 1,000 in taxes per machine – again depending on the location of the arcade or bistro.
In 28 game halls in Kehler's metropolitan area, nothing new is changed by regulation of the game; It stays with up to 12 vending machines per establishment. However, the casinos have to close at midnight, and the bistro shops – because they are restaurants – can be open until three in the morning, and from Friday to Saturday at night and from Saturday to Sunday until five in the morning.