This is the Hippie's party 2

This is the Hippie's party

The hippie subculture emerged as a youth movement against the Vietnam War in the 1960s and early 1970s. Attention to mass food production, industrialized agriculture and the environment has led to widespread criticism of pesticides, mass animal consumption and cruelty. Hippies have promoted eating simple, vegetarian, non-toxic foods. A themed party of hippie food from the '70s can unlock the spirit of this subculture with a selection of healthy foods and drinks.

This is the Hippie's party 3

Veggie Pot Pie is an authentic, easy to make hippie dish.

Step 1

Trust food from the hippie movement of the '70s. Watch books like Frances Moore Lappe's "Diet for a Small Planet" (1976), or read websites inspired by vegetarians or hippies.

Step 2

Assemble the menu with a central insert that can be pre-prepared. Think about making some vegetarian pies as your main dish. According to Tsiporah Grignon of "Synergy" magazine, vegetable pies were a must at any hippie gathering. Brown rice, vegetables and tofu sauteed in soy sauce and topped with Engevita pastry complete the main course.

Step 3

Prepare simple finger foods as an appetizer. Ideas include a vegetable plate of alfalfa, sprouts, carrots and cucumbers. While the cliché, homemade muesli or granola bars are simple and authentically basic hippies.

Step 4

Serve drinks. Choose from a variety of herbal teas, lemon or cucumber water and vegetable juices such as the V8 that has been popular since 1969. Think of serving popular drinks like Tang! or Kool-Aid, when the party is in summer, or alcoholic drinks, if any.

Step 5

Include desserts such as roasted alaskan, walnut brownies or fruit salad. Kool Whip is an optional supplement, as it was very popular in the early 1970s, but the preparation of homemade cream may be more in line with the principles of the hippie movement.

Step 6

Inform the guests of the party of their historic and cultural offer with illustrative index cards on the service table next to each dish.