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This mascara has been a bestseller for almost 50 years!

The mascara was developed in 1915 by Tom Lyle Williams, an American chemist. He noticed that Sister Maybel cover her lashes with petroleum jelly and carbon powder (!!!) to make her lashes look fuller. Williams was looking for an alternative to his sister and invented the Mascara Cake Maybelline. Over the years, he worked with the press, perfected it and was born Maybelline Great Lash – Hammer!

3 tips. How To Turn Your Eyelashes Into Fake Spots Instantly:

1. Use an eyelash roll

An eyelash can get out of the eyelashes again the best! Even if your eyelashes are too big. For the perfect look, most natural eyelashes lack the necessary momentum. With the Tweezerman roll for about 18 euros, so no wishes! Not for nothing is the ultimate bestseller on Amazon and has nearly 200 great customer reviews! Add to cart!

2. Keep the lashes with castor oil

The best one to wear vegan castor oil from Castor for about $ 8 just before bedtime for. Make sure you have a good eye before applying – there should be no residual mascara on the lashes. Put a few drops of castor oil Q aside and gently brush the lashes with it – do not rub, otherwise the eyelashes may break. Then go to bed.

3. Carefully remove the makeup

We all know the problem. We're already sleeping on the couch, but we still want to get it done quickly, because the rest of the makeup can cause nasty pimples all night. So we walk in the bathroom and scrub with all our might to remove the mascara. But this is completely wrong! This will only make sure your lashes are canceled. Instead, water a cotton pad with makeup remover and wipe the eyelashes with the eyes closed. That's why you avoid your lashes. then you can prepare your lashes with castor oil for the night.