Training for mental mastery 2

Training for mental mastery

Mental strength is a critical component of excellence. Most would argue that few are actively training in mental skills to enhance their ability to use their talents.
We are partnering with Mental Training Inc. to provide us with their own online and mobile applications so that by developing incredible internal strengths, this is accessible to everyone in our big city and province.
Parents, coaches, teachers, managers, students, athletes are our target customers.
Baptism, sharing, promoting integrated health.
Our approach to wellness involves the gradual and radical development of great physical fitness, superior mental skills, above average nutritional choices, and the abolition of fear of wealth.
Delivering our message to Calgary to learn, train and master fitness (endorphins and others); mindfulness (no yoga status required); nutrition tips, recipes, advocacy so we can all achieve a body-mind-soul balance.
For some reason (conspiracy theories) most people have phobias around money, this has to stop, here and now with the Success Bath, with education and hands.
We partner with community organizations, businesses, groups and NGOs to bring in simple rooms a few amazing one-hour sessions designed for each age group, despite their physical skills and knowledge of integrated health.
We learn how to breathe, how to eat, how to cultivate our bodies, how to deal with common problems such as poverty, self-esteem, belief systems.
Our goal is to overcome the self-limiting barriers to greatness.
Our spirit of social entrepreneurship is negotiable and we demonstrate it by providing free sessions for people living in homelessness so that they can better prepare for these life changes because at the end of the day, everything comes from the mind us.
We are looking to change the way people prepare for life's challenges.