Wangerland Health Fair: Worth Knowing for Wellbeing 2

Wangerland Health Fair: Worth Knowing for Wellbeing


It has been several years since the Health Fair was held in Wangerland. "For too long," the women from the Wangerländer Local Council have found together with Ink Wüllner, the Equal Opportunity Commissioner, to organize an event called "Healthy to All Senses." On Saturday, November 16, the entire day is a program of 11am to 5pm healthy and fit weather. The venue of the health fair is a guest house in Horumersiel, admission is free.

Health Fair will be held on Saturday, November 16 from 11am to 5pm at the Haus des Gastes in Horumersiel, Zum Hafen 3. Admission is free

11 o'clock: Opening of Equal Opportunity Officer Inke Wüllner

Sat 11.45: Modern rheumatism therapy; Lecture by prof. Dr. Werner-J. Mayet (NWK Sanderbusch)

12, 13.15, 15 and 16.15: "Stress, Recovery and Reinstatement – Relaxing in the Workplace"; Yoga exercises; Duration each 30 minutes

12.45, to 4 pm: "Experience the magic of sound"; Sound Massage with Karin Trittner; Eight terms, ten minutes each; Registration under tel. 04425/9694813

13:30: Women’s hearts beat differently; Lecture by Dr. Claus Lüers (NWK Sanderbusch)

fashion show

3pm to 5pm: Introduction to Defibrillator Handling, Dr. Ing. Fred Jacobi

16:00: Schüßler salts in winter; Lecture by Dr. Gabriele Steinmetz (application to Sonnen-Apotheke, Horumersiel, Tel. 04463/202)

Lectures and demonstrations, conventional medicine and alternative medicine, information booths, consulting services and a fashion show are also part of the program.

Not just for women

Among the invited speakers are prof. Dr. Honey. Werner-J. Mayet and Dr. Claus Lüers of Sanderbusch Hospital in the Northwest. They both want to talk in easy-to-read lectures on modern approaches to rheumatism and heart health. Dr. Fred Jacobi of the fire department will show visitors how to handle a defibrillator, and in a lecture by a non-medical doctor, Dr. Med. Gabriele Steinmetz deals with the application of Schüssler salts in winter.

The event is primarily aimed at women, say Alice Brandenburg-Bienek, Renate Janßen-Niemann and Angelika Kürschner Of course, but men are also welcome. "A lot of what we hear here and see affects men, too."

In addition to lectures, the AOB oat bike is in the lobby all day long: The bike is connected to an oats press, literally anyone can try their own muesli. Nutritionist Antje Lüken is also there. Provides important information about healthy eating and invites visitors to taste tests.

And of course, it's a bit of a sport: you can try a Pilates or Back Exercise led by Johanne Rehberg or exercise at the Flexi Bar if you wish. In addition, village helpers are briefed on their work and training trails, there are sound massages, information on Rheumaliga Jever on support offers or information on a home emergency call.

To win awards

Also, food and drinks are not too short: from 11.30am lunch is open, from 2.30pm coffee, tea and cake of the hour – and a fashion show by the "Parsley" fashion house from Jever. Around 3 p.m., raffle prizes will also be distributed. You can win nights at Schlaf-Strandkorb and Nordseekarren at Schillig Beach, as well as tickets for sports courses, sponsored by Wangerland-Touristik. Tickets are free at the entrance for every visitor to the health fair.