Weight Loss for Good Reason: Calisthenics Park in Zams opened with a social project 2

Weight Loss for Good Reason: Calisthenics Park in Zams opened with a social project

Zams. Calisthenics Park in Zamos is definitely a newly created meeting place for all sports fans. It all began with the training program offered, which lasted for several months – here's the motto: weight loss for good reason. Half of this charity project will be donated to half to Tyrol Kinderkrebshilfe and half to Zama Jugendgemeinderat. The donation account will remain open until the end of November.

Generous support

California parks are also booming in this country. Lately, there is one in Zams, which also offers fitness equipment and even Pole Dance Outdoor Dance, which is the result of a Youth Council initiative. Its director and at the same time liaison with the council, Christoph Giggo Wolf explains: "Julian Platter, MSc, a non-member of the Youth Council, approached the Youth Council with this idea of ​​creating a Calisthenics Park in Zamos. (including Youth, Sport and Culture Committee), "Wolf on:" We got the green light there, Zammer Council budgeted for this project in 2018, the Park was created this year. "However, this would not be possible without a generous domestic economy .
"We didn't plan preliminary works, just construction, including sports equipment," explains Wolf, who managed to attract sponsors for the facility. For example, Prantauer made an excavation and disposed of the excavated material for free, Swietelsky was also free to set up Frostkoffer, two farmers Andreas Summerauer and Toni Zangerl supported the youth council with free material and delivery.

Social thought superficial

And, the list goes on: Hilti & Jehle did a master of construction work, Kofler donated the required concrete. "A park near the fire department officially opened in mid-July. The show was surrounded by great shows by the show groups as well as by the Imst Pole Dance Dance Group girls," Wolf says. This training park, an outdoor gym for use, so to speak, was later revived by a charity project, with the idea of ​​Christoph Giggo Wolf, who explains: "The graduate trainer has twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday with Group Exercise. behind that was to donate 20 Euros for each pound of weight – participants were invited to donate voluntarily after three months. "Wolf further:" In the beginning, it all started with a thought – the whole thing was fast has become a much-developed large-scale social project in which young and old are represented. "

Calisthenics Park opened in Zams

Active Youth Council

By the way, Raiffeisenbank Oberland has taken over the training costs, the last training was held at Trampolinehal St. Antoner – For this, two managers Christoph Giggo called Wolf and Andy Gohl. Half of the proceeds from the donation go to help children with cancer in Tyrol, the other half to youth councilor Zams, who is already working on other ideas: "Some projects are already in our heads – a youth room for example or a pump," Wolf says. Welcoming words to this commitment came from Deputy Mayor Zammer and also the Chairman of the Committee on Youth, Sport and Culture, Josef Reheis: "This facility is to be welcomed in any case – Giggo and the Youth Council are very active. We hope this park will gymnastics is well received by the population. "
donations by the way, it is still open by the end of November: Raiffeisenbank Oberland, AT38 3635 9000 3005 5073, Intended Use: Give us 2.

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