5 tips to check 2

5 tips to check

Do health checks, commonly called preventative examinations, bring more health? As Prim. Josef Macher, president of the Association of Private Hospitals and Medical Director and General Manager of the Diakonissen Clinic in Linz, includes annual diary reviews of anyone over 40. But a health check is not the same as a health check. What is the secret of good precaution, what you should pay attention to and what potential it has, he reveals here.

Tip 1: Check as a fixed calendar point

Although doctors recommend an annual medical examination at the age of 40, many people are denied prior to the checkup. This can have different reasons, one is probably quite banal, like Prim. Josef Macher explains, "The schedule is too fulfilling. There is always something more important to do and push the investigation forward. In addition, many are also afraid that a possible negative diagnosis will be made as a precaution." earlier is always better than treating them late or not at all because it naturally increases the chances of healing,

Tip 2: Consider individual factors

"Science is very divided in evaluating the success of preventive examinations," says the president of the Association of Private Hospitals in Austria. "But one thing has come up: prevention programs make a lot of sense if they take into account the individuality of the individual." This is why Austrian private clinics focus on individual context factors in their health screenings. For example, what clinical images exist in a close relationship, what are the influencing factors of profession, diet, lifestyle, etc.?