Bavaria: Diet agrees to study homeopathy 2

Bavaria: Diet agrees to study homeopathy

Are homeopathic remedies an alternative to antibiotics? This should allow the government to investigate now. In opposition, many shake their heads.

With the medical study, the state government should clarify whether antibiotic administration with homeopathic remedies can be reduced. This was decided by the state parliament on Thursday with the votes of CSU and Free Voters as well as most Greens. After the joint vote, 120 MPs voted in favor and 47 against. At the plenary meeting, the proposal, which was discussed regarding the follow-up to so-called multi-drug resistant bacteria, raised some controversial discussions. Homeopathy critics have stressed that the study is redundant at best.

"The project of the government of the Bavarian state is negligent, because it suggests the question already raised that homeopathic remedies like globules could fight bacteria with more resistance," said Dominic Spitzer (FDP). So far, no scientific study has been able to prove that homeopathic remedies themselves work against complaints. The FDP parliamentary group, as well as the AfD and SPD, voted against the proposal, and three Greens abstained.

SPD spokeswoman Ruth Waldmann said before discussing CSU's request, "Because someone's mouth will remain open." If homeopathy "really has a proven effect, then that's the proportion of the talking doctor, a holistic view of the patient." This is good for many people. "I also advocate leaving it to people," Waldmann emphasized. "But even thinking of using sepsis instead of antibiotics in severe sepsis could not be understood.

Committee on Homeopathy Globes

bead commission

Inefficient hocus trial or semantic complementary medicine? The Greens seek an attitude towards homeopathy.By Constanze von Bullion

The CSU caucus has filed a package of five requests to reduce the number of deaths from multidrug-resistant bacteria. This includes reducing the use of antibiotics in everyday life, even in agriculture. Researchers call the careless use of antibiotics the reason pathogens become resistant. In one of these applications, the state is asked to have a study to investigate how antibiotic use can be reduced – and whether homeopathic preparations can play a "positive role".

According to research by CSU envoys, in the area of ​​ear, nose and throat diseases, it could be shown that "the use of classical homeopathy also prevented the use of antibiotics and improved defense against infection" could be achieved. Even in seriously septic patients – that is, patients in whom the body's immune system has already damaged organs and tissues – the study suggests that homeopathic treatment "may be a useful treatment."

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