Challenging the pursuers: FC Ost wants to defeat Vohenstrauß 2

Challenging the pursuers: FC Ost wants to defeat Vohenstrauß

Challenging the pursuers: FC Ost wants to defeat Vohenstrauß 3

With the defeat of 1: 5, FC Weiden-Ost returned to the third match from Vohenstrauß (scene). On Sunday, Weidener wants to get the best of it and teach the leader the first defeat of the season.

Image: Büttner, Gerhard

For FC Weiden-Ost (2nd place / 29 points / 14 games), Sunday's best match (2pm) may be the last chance for the title race to open. Ten points are currently behind the leader of the SpVgg Vohenstrauß class (1.3939). In defeat, the topic of first place would be eaten for Ostler. But it should not come that far. "My boys are eager for this game," says East coach Peter Kämpf. "Maybe," says Kämpf, "we are the only one in the league that can beat Vohenstrauß." Unimpressed with the opponent's challenge, the leader holds against it. "We have a lot of confidence and let ourselves play," explains head coach Michael Rösch. The serenity has a reason: 12 wins and 3 draws in the previous 15 seasons are an impressive interim result. "We have set the rise of the county league, so we also want to win in FC East," Rösch points out.

Since the start of the season, the 33-year-old has been training in red and white. Sam Rösch is a little surprised that things are going so well so far. But he also knows the reasons. "We have an incredibly wide lineup through our 2nd and 3rd teams, which helps us make up for the personnel losses." Rösch is also impressed with the cohesion of the squad: "All the players come together and 100 percent identify with the club, which makes us so strong."

Generally, the anticipation of the remaining two tasks before the winter break at Camp Vohenstrauss is great. "It's FC Ost now, then home against Hirschau. It's great to keep these two highlights in mind," Rösch smiles. However, he knows his team is waiting for the ultimate endurance test this Sunday. "FC Ost has a lot of quality and will not be as clear as in the first match."

At 5-1, Vohenstrauss angered his competitors on the third day. A bankruptcy that still torments the enemy today. "This stab is deep," admits Peter Kämpf. After a quick 1-0 lead, Weidener ran with an offensive style of play in his destruction. "Vohenstrauß has literally surpassed us," Kämpf recalls. "This must not be repeated to us, this time the switch game must work." In terms of strong SpVgg defensive play (only 9 goals conceded), Kämpf wants the optimum chance to exploit. "It would be very important to finally take the first opportunity."

And should FC Ost, despite all his noble intentions, still emerge as a loser? Then Kämpf already has a plan B in the drawer. "Our first goal is to catch up with Vohenstrauss. If that doesn't work, we definitely want to finish second."