High sensitivity Dortmund: Massage in case of stress and overstimulation 2

High sensitivity Dortmund: Massage in case of stress and overstimulation

High sensitivity Dortmund: Massage in case of stress and overstimulation

High sensitivity is a characteristic of the nervous system present in about 15-20% of all humans (and animals) in which external and internal stimuli are increasingly perceived and processed. These can be physical, emotional or interpersonal stimuli. At the same time, these people seem to have recurring typical personality traits. With these typical personality traits (for example, a pronounced conscientiousness of perfectionism, a pronounced need for harmony), one can successfully cooperate in psychotherapy (https: //www.spielräume-schaffen.de/Psychotherapie/) or in coaching.


Massage is considered one of the oldest remedies in human history. Massage is a manual treatment of the skin (connective tissue and muscle). Various techniques are used, such as erasing (ejection), circling (friction, friction), mixing (Petrissage, Walkung) or tapping (Tapotement), as well as pressure, tightening or elongation techniques. Massages can be relaxing / regenerating or stimulating / invigorating. The effect of massage extends from the treated area of ​​the body to the whole body, and includes the psyche. Psychological effects are mediated by the touch and nature of arbitrarily used massage oils. The roots of the term "massage" are probably in the Greek word "mass", meaning "knead", "rub" or "feel" (French massager). There are many different forms of massage, eg classic massage, relaxing massage, sports massage, Thai massage, connective tissue massage, Breuss massage or aromatherapy massage.

High sensitivity and stress

People with high sensitivity (https: //www.spielräume-schaffen.de/Hochsensibilitaet/) take on physical stimuli (e.g., brightness or harsh light, volume and noise, odors), social stimuli (e.g., interpersonal conflicts), or emotional stimuli (e.g., joy, sadness, anger) are more intensely true than insensitive people and intensively process these stimuli. As a result, experience shows that over-advancing with the subsequent need for withdrawal and recovery can happen much earlier. Physical, social and emotional stimuli, as well as frequently existing personality traits, such as perfectionism, the need for harmony or the need for justice, can be significant stressors for highly sensitive individuals and thus lead to stress and stress reactions. If this happens frequently and, above all, without regular and proper regeneration, the highly sensitive person may become chronically exhausted, which can also result in burnout, depressed phase, restlessness and anxiety or even aggression.

Massages of aromatic oils with high sensitivity, overstimulation and stress

Aromatherapy massage (https: //www.spielräume-schaffen.de/Massage-und-Akupressur/) is a branch of aromatherapy, and aromatherapy in turn is part of phytotherapy (herbal science). Aromatic oil massage uses high quality vegetable oils in certain combinations. The composition of the oil mixture in question should be individualized according to the acute symptoms in order to be as fair as possible to the present condition and needs of the very sensitive person.
At the beginning of aroma oil massage treatments, there is empathy and an understanding of the current problem of a very sensitive person by the therapist. A detailed discussion with the person concerned discusses what symptoms / problems are currently at the forefront, such as overstimulation, stress, internal restlessness, anxiety, tension, sleep problems, or even physical symptoms, such as muscle tension. It is equally important to clarify what goals, desires, or needs are currently at the forefront of these complaints, e.g., calming and relaxing, improving mood or improving sleep. Through this exchange, the conversation creates an individual blend of oil flavors that treats a highly sensitive person at regular intervals.

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High sensitivity Dortmund: Massage in case of stress and overstimulation 3

Björn Hillebrand offers psychotherapy (according to Heilpraktikergesetz, www.spielräume-kreat.de / psychotherapy /) and coaching. One of the main professions is the high sensitivity property, and aromatic oil massages complete the offer.