Packing Ideas for Fudge - 2019 2

Packing Ideas for Fudge – 2019

Gifting fudge is a common practice, so elegant packaging is an important part of the equation, but it's also important to pack it safely. Because Fudge is naturally soft and pliable and not fragile and fragile, it travels easily – whether you present it in person or by mail. Treat commercial and home-made coffee the same way when packing it for shipment or home storage.

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credit: NatashaBreen / iStock / GettyImages Fudge packaging on parchment and wax paper is simple, elegant and safe.

General storage

Because the caramel contains a large amount of sugar, it remains stored for about two weeks at room temperature. , If you slice the pieces of fudge between the layers of wax paper, the pieces will not stick together. Store the fudge in an airtight container of glass, tin or plastic. The fudge will be softer or more ripe at room temperature, but it is still safe to eat. Packaged in the same way, Fudge stays safe and fresh in the fridge for about three weeks. wrapping paper

There are many ways to personalize your presentation according to the season and personal style. People often use it

a gift box or a box to save Fudge. Select your jar and lay a specialized wax paper at the bottom of the jar and add the hazelnut. Add extra layers of wax paper between the layers. If you want to create an even more personalized look, you can use Fudge individually Wax paper and yarn wrap. Cut small pieces of wax paper that is half an inch larger than your hazelnut pieces. Place the candy in the center of the paper and use the thread to secure both ends and secure the candy inside. Packaging to send mail


Use premium postage when fudge Send and let your recipient know that a piece of food is on the way. Add storage tips to keep the food fresh. Because Fudge is so versatile, you can simply put the gift box in any durable box. If transporting it to hot summer temperatures, put a frozen gel pack wrapped in plastic and sealed so that it does not leak into the outer packaging to keep the gift container cool. Long term packaging

Fudge remains in good condition

in the freezer for one year as long as you pack it tightly. Between pieces, wrap the pieces of Fudge in plastic with wax paper or freeze the whole piece of fodge in a mass, also wrapped in plastic. Wrap the plastic beam in the sheet to wrap it a second time. This second package helps to ensure that no air or ice crystals form on the fudge. Defrost frozen candy in refrigerator for 24 hours.