Study shows: single children are at higher risk of weight gain 2

Study shows: single children are at higher risk of weight gain

Many children have to deal with obesity early and have to lose weight. Now, the study says that the risk of being overweight should be greater for the child alone than for children growing up with siblings.

These numbers on make one sit down and take note: in the UK, one in five children is overweight when they enter school, and in the United States, one third of all children and teens are now overweight or obese. Forecasts? They are bad! According to estimates from the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), every other child is likely to be struggling with these issues by 2020.

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The study draws attention to single children

In a study conducted by the University of Oklahoma, American researchers first studied the eating habits of 68 children during the week. They divided the children into single children and children with siblings. Result: Because of eating habits, single children are seven times more likely to be overweight. To find the cause, the study's head, Chelsea Kracht, also addresses the eating habits of children's families.

Living with families with only one child has been shown to be unhealthy. This affects both eating habits and lower physical activity. Families with several children therefore eat less and plan their meals well in advance. This provides financial care for several people.

Researchers have also found that parents' unhealthy eating habits are passed on to children. Therefore, it is not only necessary to start with children – but also to train parents regarding their nutrition. Finally they have a role model. There is also a tendency for a single child to be spoiled by parents more often and with fewer restrictions. Another factor was that mothers of single children were more likely to be overweight and to work full time – which, according to research, also increases the risk of being overweight in a child.

Children and diabetes: you need to know that


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Diagnosis of diabetes
Children and diabetes: you need to know that

Diagnosing diabetes is just a shock to children. Here's how you can best support your child, how it affects your daily life and diet, and how you can still lead a normal life.

Do not put children under pressure by beauty ideals

Well, this is not the kind of harmless baby bacon that some kids carry for years to come. It's more about being overweight, which can lead to drastic health restrictions, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or stroke.

An unhealthy diet, which internalized the child early in life, is difficult to correct later because she has never learned anything else. Still, it is difficult to confront children with calorie tables and the supposed ideal of beauty at a very early age, which can put them under a lot of pressure. So what to do?

How can you support your child?

Of course, parents can do a lot for a healthy diet and physical activity of the child as a role model, thus preventing overweight. If parents have healthy eating habits, the child has a good track record. also points out that movement should not be ignored. Some swear by baby or baby yoga, while others enroll their children in sports clubs or have a weekly walk with the whole family.

First of all, it is important to motivate children to exercise. However, one should always convey that sport is a game, not a fight. In addition, children should be able to choose the sport they really enjoy – only then are they fit. Last but not least, it is an easy way to serve as a role model for your own child by showing joy in moving – and infecting children with enthusiasm.


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