The locker room dream: a wardrobe set up? These tips work 2

The locker room dream: a wardrobe set up? These tips work

A mix of open shelves and closed drawers characterizes the locker room

A mix of open shelves and closed drawers characterize the "Hangar" locker room by designer Pierre Lissoni. In front of the wall panels made of wood, larch colorful clothing looks particularly elegant. Photo: Lema

Only Hollywood stars have their own room for clothes, shoes and bags? For many, the wardrobe is a long-standing dream and a highlight of luxury. Almost every unused corner can be turned into a locker room.

Architare interior design professionals know exactly what is important when designing cabinets for installation.

What to consider when planning

The inside of the entry closet looks like a Wunderkammer. Drawers and shelves, drawers and mirrors – the appearance can be adapted to individual needs. Before the analysis is the analysis:

– Do I wear more clothes and skirts than pants? Then more rails of clothing are needed than shelves.

– If you wear formal business fashion often, you look forward to tying your shirts.

– You can store your bags on shelves with glass shelves.

– Clothes lift – lowered clothes rail – ensures that clothes with larger heights are easily accessible.

– Functional drawers provide space for storing laundry, socks, scarves and jewelry.

– Shoes can be found in a sloping shoe rack.

Which is important in lighting

Light creates an atmosphere – even in the closet. If you want to distinguish between dark blue and black, you must pay attention to the correct lighting. Illuminated shelves bring light into the dark by using an internal LED strip, which is inserted into the shelf. Similarly, wedges, clothes rails and drawers can also be used.

Warm light without a greenish tone is important. Anyone who loves dark shades should give great value to extremely bright lighting because they do not reflect light so much.

In addition to the basic lighting, the icing on the cake is an additional lamp, such as an imposing chandelier or designer lamp.

Harmonic color scheme

If the closet can be seen from the bedroom, it should be consistent with the existing color scheme. This creates a harmonious ambience. Since clothing and colorful colorful products already provide ample variety, the body and fronts should be uniform. The dark background looks elegant.

In front of gray wall paint or in front of woods like wenge or smoked oak, colorful dresses and accessories look more elegant. In front of white, they prefer to stick out.

Those who love purists hide their closets behind sliding doors. Whether it is wood and grain tones, colored tones of varnish, wallpaper, fabric for decoration or a favorite motif, the design knows no bounds.

Dressing for small rooms

An extra room is not always required to set up a walk-in closet. Even seemingly useless, dead corners or sloping roofs can be turned into a storage area. Space-saving sliding doors, behind which the contents of the closet are hidden, are the optimal alternative.

You should schedule at least 1.20 meters of depth to keep everything neat. If the bedroom is spacious enough, a room divider, such as a partition wall or screen, creates additional space for changing rooms.

Double-sided cabinets also visually separate the room, providing storage space. Transparent glass offers insight, while sophisticated interior lighting lays out visual accents.

Freestyle: This furniture and accessories give the locker room a character

If you like to be well prepared, prepare your favorite outfit for the next day the night before. A dumb servant provides good service. For a morning beauty ritual or glamor makeup in the evening, a makeup table is the best companion. And the standing mirror for the last check makes the locker room complete.

Anyone who also finds room for a chair, a bed for a living room, or at least a pouf, cannot wear their shoes comfortably, the locker room will become a small living room as well.

And last but not least: beautiful, uniform hangers are a must. A smorgasbord of wire and plastic hangers on the other hand destroys the most beautiful order.