What is an Audio Bathroom and Can It Help You Meditate? 2

What is an Audio Bathroom and Can It Help You Meditate?

You may be wondering: "What is a KGB?" and "Does it contain water?" but believe it or not, no bath is required. If you are skeptical, you can always work to improve your meditation skills to get used to the idea of ​​silence, focus and breathing.

How does it work

What is an Audio Bathroom and Can It Help You Meditate? 3

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An audio bath is a type of meditation in which the leader makes continuous sounds with Tibetan or crystalline bowls as instruments. Other sounds may be adjusting forks, bells, twins or drums, among others.

"Bathroom practitioners can use gongs or crystal singing bowls (made almost entirely of quartz sand or quartz) or both, and some practitioners also sing in combination with guang and crystal bowls, in order to create a concert, A vibration accord that provides balance and calm to the mind, body, heart and soul, "say Nick Marrufo and Susan Marrufo, co-founders of Samarasa Center, a community of Pilates yoga in Los Angeles, California.

"Most of the participants lie on their backs on a mat or find a comfortable seating position that provides deep relaxation for their body and mind. Cover yourself on a blanket or use an eye mask to exclude light," they say. The eyes are closed and healing begins. The brain is even becoming and you can be with yourself, getting involved in the rhythmic sounds without feeling that it is consumed by daily stress.

The advantages

All in all, a healthy bath is a type of meditation that is adopted to balance the body and prevent chronic stress. "A healthy bath can be likened to an audio massage, where participants can let go of a deep relaxation and connect with their subconscious so that healthy baths can promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sensations." they say. In addition, meditation should make you happier and improve your mood.

By contacting your body and your thoughts and intuitions, you will be able to enter a state of awareness and understanding that will then translate to other areas of your life.

"Experience is known to heal and can help relieve pain, anxiety and stress, as well as improve sleep and energy." Most people leave a healthy bath relaxed and energized, "they say.

Your best bet? Try it yourself. You might find it just like a useful exercise that you want to incorporate regularly into your program. And if you can't go to an official Klangbad event, you can always hear a record of the kind of sounds involved.

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