What kind of sugar is cotton candy? 2

What kind of sugar is cotton candy?

A fair is not fair without the sight and smell of cotton candy in the unnatural blue and pink. Cotton candy is, in addition to its color and taste, simply pure granulated sugar. The dry additives give it its flavor and aroma, either in premixes, ready-to-use or in powder, which can be added separately to a sugar bag. The magic is not in the sugar itself, but in the method of production.

What kind of sugar is cotton candy? 3

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Remember, they float

Pastry makers and experienced caramelisers have known for centuries that when sugar is heated to the right temperature, it can be turned into spun filaments. The process is time-consuming on a commercial scale and therefore costly, but since the turn of the century American inventors have found a better solution. Their machines melt the sugar and then convert it to high speed through holes in a rotating chamber. The highly rounded sugar hardened into yarn when it came into the air and produced a cream originally called fairy yarn or cotton.

Go Big, or Stay Home

Large commercial models for infant candy have been developed to work with conventional granulated sugar that is cheap and plentiful. Smaller machines are available for home use or in avant-garde restaurants that want to experiment with the possibilities of sweet treats. For example, vanilla sugar swirl will give a white cotton candy with a subtle vanilla flavor that could be used as an element in a luxurious dessert. Some of these smaller machines work better with fines. Therefore, check the operating instructions before preparing the first batch.