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90s Style Makeup

The major makeup look of the early 1990s was the "grunge look" inspired by the music of that time. This look of stray makeup and hair does not have to look beautiful or charming, rather the opposite. Makeup in the mid-90s seemed to return to being beautiful with the rise of neutral and brown-colored makeup with dull skin and lips, while the bare, no-makeup look in the late '90s. 39? 90 became popular in the perfume shows of the time it was.

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Certification: Medioimages / Photodisc / Valueline / Getty Images Brown was popular in the 1990s.

Grunge look

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The popularity of grunge music strongly influenced makeup in the early 1990s. The immersed, heavily applied black eyeliner was a grunge look, as well as (sometimes blurry) red lipstick and black nail polish. Lips that were not red often had a dark metallic color. Glitter was also popular and applied to eyes, lips and cheeks. The colors in the early '90s were intense – deep red, purple, green, blue and silver, often in black. Soft, dull skin was popular and the foundation was often lighter than skin tone. The mascara was applied to darken the eyes. The blush was usually not worn and the eyebrows were not sculpted or more inverted.

Neutral sounds

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Credit: Stockbyte / Stockbyte / Getty Images Neutral lipsticks became popular in the '90s.

Neutral, dull makeup was popular in the mid to late 1990s. Various neutral, light pink and brown shades were worn to the eye, such as a lighter shade on the lid, a darker shade on the crease and a mark on the eyebrow peel. The eyeliner was usually dark and applied only to the upper lid. Lipstick and Foundation were dull. The liquid or makeup cream was applied to the entire face and sprinkled with powder. The deep red / lipstick wine and lip liner were worn for an evening look, while during the day lipsticks are glued to light brown, neutral and pink lined shades. The lip liner was worn though the lipstick and glitter were not. Mascara in brown and black was also popular. The Rouge were creamy pink, dusty tones and neutral / bronze colors. The eyebrows were of medium thickness, well preserved and sometimes bleached.

Make-up look

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Certification: Comstock Images / Comstock / Getty Images Glossy gloss was a staple of the '90s.

The bare face / makeup look became popular in the late '90s. The skin was foundation-free and cool – often just moisturizing. If necessary, a concealer was used and the powder was removed. Blush was not worn or used sparingly, unlike the makeup of the other 90's that were bright red. The Cream Foundation went eyelashes instead of eyeshadows or eyeliner – or the lining was white. Clear mascara became as popular as clear glitter in the late '90s. The eyebrows were generally thicker as the more sporty appearance became more popular.