Are almonds to blame for bad breath? 2

Are almonds to blame for bad breath?


Everyone has them, nobody knows them
Are almonds to blame for bad breath?

We all have almonds - and sometimes they are the trigger for bad breath. What you can do about it.

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We all have almonds – and sometimes they are the trigger for bad breath. What you can do about it.

Disgusting little bits in your mouth – most know it, but no one talks about it. Almond stones are the main cause of bad breath.

Actually amazing that tonsils stones (among Tonsillensteine) so few people have a clue. Because everyone has them! However, they only become aware of us when they cause us problems. The persistently bad breath – of which one may not know anything – is probably the most unpleasant consequence of the tiny whitish deposits in the throat. Problem: Almond stones come again and again or are constantly there.

What are almonds made of?

When we say "almonds," we usually mean the tonsils of the extremity of the palate, the soft formations behind the arch of the palate. They are the ones who are red, swollen and often even ulcerated in tonsillitis. However, almonds have nothing to do with manure, even if they look so similar.

Almond stones are made up of leftover food, dead cells, white blood cells and bacteria that accumulate in the furrows. The almond surface is built like a relief with innumerable depressions (crypts) as they are an important part of the immune system. Bending increases the area where pathogens can be trapped directly into the mouth.

How almond stones develop in the body

Palatine tonsils are good for your health, but disgusting to us when almonds come out. Just like that, after tickling and coughing you can feel hard, crumbs in your mouth. They are yellowish in color and are usually less than one centimeter. Because they smell very unpleasant, like rotten eggs, many fear that they may be a sign of illness. The good news: Almond stones are harmless.

Usually the precipitates are chewed and talked on their own and transferred to saliva without us noticing. But sometimes it can be just "what to lie". Almond stones then permanently provide a bad breath, which does not disappear even by brushing your teeth. Larger tons of almonds can be squeezed into the throat, sometimes even unilateral sore throat or swollen lymph nodes.

How can I remove almonds?

If you want to remove almond stones yourself, there are several ways to carefully combat them:

  • Toothbrush or irrigator: Wash the almonds when brushing your teeth. If you have an oral irrigator, place it regularly in the back of your throat
  • Cotton swabs: Open your mouth in front of the mirror so you can see the almond stones and gently press the cotton swab against the almonds from below to lift them.
  • yawn: Put your head back and open and close your mouth several times. This creates the effect of a massage on the throat, which can contribute to the secretion of almond stones.
  • mouthwash: Gargle in the throat as he goes with the fluid. It is especially suitable to rinse your mouth with zinc or chilled sage or chamomile tea.
  • massage: Massage the neck outwards between the area between the ear and the jaws on the side of the almond stone. The movements also make the stones loosen and cough.

Do you need to treat almonds by a doctor?

You do not need to go to an almond doctor at all, at best they cause major problems like pain or when there is doubt that something else is behind it. The deposits themselves certainly do not indicate tonsillitis. Only if the tonsils are further red and sore and you get fever, an infection is likely. Unfortunately, people who often have tonsillitis are also more likely to be affected by annoying tonsils, as the effects of inflammation disrupt the natural depletion of cryptocurrency in the long run.

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One who is often affected by almond stones, such as bad breath, finds the right person in the expert's ear, nose and throat. It can isolate buildings with special pipettes or vacuum them with vacuum treatment. Even if it is not very appealing to imagine what is going on in our mouths – here is the key to lasting fresh breath!

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