BLZK Updates Dental Pediatric Passport - ZWP Online - Dental Industry News Portal 2

BLZK Updates Dental Pediatric Passport – ZWP Online – Dental Industry News Portal

Bavarian State Dental Association updates its "precautionary schedule"

Twenty years ago, the Bavarian State Dental Association (BLZK) issued it for the first time: a passport for pediatric illness. The "precautionary schedule" for children up to the age of six is ​​equally popular with dentists and patients. Now BLZK has updated its content for the children's passport – for example, given the new screening tests for under three.

With a passport for children, parents always keep an eye on their child's examination dates. You will also receive information on dental care, oral hygiene and healthy eating. They also learn how to protect their offspring teeth from caries.

It's new in the children's pass

The BLZK children's passport has now been revised in content – containing, for example, three new screening tests. Children are entitled to them between the 6th and the 33rd month of their life from July this year. The time intervals of the passageway study for children have been adjusted accordingly.

Parents and children will also find a few extras in the new edition: for example, the Bayerische Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Zahngesundheit (LAGZ) introduced itself. LAGZ dentists practice brushing teeth with children in nursing facilities and practice healthy eating with their educators.

In addition, there is a picture of the rate in the new passport. It shows a variety of situations that are either good for the teeth or pretty bad for oral health. Parents can solve the puzzle as an opportunity to talk with their child about dental care and healthy eating.

Another addition: The children's pass now has a graphic of the teeth that parents can enter on that day that their offspring broke their teeth. This documentation provides the dentist with useful information and is also a fond memory for parents and their child.


The parents get the passport from the dentist

The dental passport is given to the parents by the dentist. Dental surgery can be ordered from the Bayerische Landeszahnärztekammer online shop at A children's pass is also available as a free download.

Source: BLZK

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