Carinthia: KH Waiern - In 125 years from nursing home to competence center 2

Carinthia: KH Waiern – In 125 years from nursing home to competence center

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Print this article Prettner: Waiern Hospital as a Competence Center for Psychosomatics and Acute Geriatrics is an Important Part of Carinthian Health Care – Emphasis on 21st Century Fitness

Klagenfurt LPD. "Nearly exactly 125 years ago, on November 21, 1894, Waiern Hospital was opened, at that time as a 'nursing home and rest home. It was funded solely by donations. Today, Waiern Hospital is run by Diakonie and funded by the public sector," she said. today, Wednesday, Health Advisor Beate Prettner, ahead of the big 125-year celebration in Feldkirchen.

"Waiern Hospital is an important part of Carinthian health care," Prettner noted, referring to the 2005 focus, which focused on psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy and specializing in acute geriatrics. "We have taken into account health policy developments in both areas – developments that increase the need for mental health care and monitoring, as well as better care beds for the older generation." 56 beds are available to patients for two hotspots.

"The hospital team has always been actively involved in making the necessary changes. Finally, the future of the hospital depends on whether and how it responds to developments that affect medical care," said Prettner, thanking Diakonie's rector, Hubert Stotter. and KH Waiern Board of Trustees over Gabriel Primarius Gabriel Andre-Tschinkel, Marko Buttazoni, Arnold Maier and Walter Pansi for close cooperation with the Carinthian Province. "We have only succeeded in a concerted effort to maintain medical care near the Carinthian home population," Prettner noted. "The hospital landscape needs to be understood as a means of transportation and shaped accordingly – maintaining national and local care at the highest medical level only works if we consistently follow a coordinated focus," the health adviser assured.

About 130 employees care about the welfare of Waiern Hospital. In the previous year, there were about 1320 nights or 22,400 days occupied.

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