Diet tips to help you maintain your weight permanently 2

Diet tips to help you maintain your weight permanently

You certainly have this friend who regularly tries out new diets – and yet he is almost never satisfied with the success of his body or customer. And maybe you're "this one friend" yourself. The main part of the diet is diet. Only then does the movement come. Who wants to get to the desired weight quickly so they should get the best paddle on the plate and chew only the vegetables? Not better. We will share tips with you that will help ease your diet and keep your weight stable.

8 diet tips to help you maintain weight

1. Nurture the diverse

If your body lacks micronutrients, you feel craving. This happens when you eat unilaterally or when you are on a diet, you give up everything. Not a good idea – sooner or later you will inevitably loosen up and fill whatever is in your hands. That this is anything but healthy means in itself that you are nourishing yourself during (and always always) diversifying diets. In addition to vegetables, the menu also includes carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins.

2. Plan a dinner

If you always decide to go spontaneously and hungry at the supermarket after work, what you want to eat probably doesn't end up as healthy or balanced in your basket. Therefore: think about the weekend, what you want to cook during the week and shop specifically for it. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot step away from it for a day or go to a restaurant.

3. Include enough protein in your meals

Proteins are saturated and are especially important in combination with sports. They ensure the growth of your muscles. By the way, if you have more muscle, you usually burn more calories, even if you are not moving at all. On the other hand, if you avoid protein during your diet, your muscles will lose weight. Although you lose weight, but honestly, this type of weight loss should not be your goal. The following foods contain a lot of protein: fish, meat, eggs, dairy, legumes, nuts, and soy products.

4. Eat in peace

… not in the subway on the way to the office, standing in the kitchen, in front of a laptop in bed, or at a desk. Take time out for meals, chew slowly and enjoy what you have on your plate, without Netflix or Instagram. Focus entirely on food. As a result, you consciously perceive your satiety and enjoy more of what comes between your teeth. Oh, and relaxing is such a quiet meal at the table.

5. Don't be too hard on yourself

You will not be able to maintain your diet if you are too hard on yourself and throw out any food that has some fun. And if it works, that kind of weight loss is not really social. At some point you will feel isolated if you refuse every visit to a restaurant and dinner with friends – because unhealthy things could be part of the dinner. Every dessert feels like a boss and meeting your boyfriend is not a lot of fun, since you can hardly ever go to the movies. Eating means enjoying and the latter should not be missed in any life. Whether you are currently on a diet or not.

6. Make some exceptions

Today, sometimes I get the feeling that it's super chic to emphasize how healthy you are to eat, always and everywhere. But honestly, it’s nice if someone is 24/7 vegetable if not, and that's fine. You are not a sinner if you just order a burger with fat, including french fries and boyfriend. And no, you don't always have to eat just cauliflower pizza. Moderation is keyI think so. Meaning: A healthy diet feels good and does the body good, but sometimes you should and should make unhealthy exceptions. All in moderation – also chocolate and spaghetti ice cream, if you like!

7. Don't spoil the candy department at the supermarket

At stressful or very hungry moments at home, rarely anyone who reaches for clothes with vegetables likes to grab gummy bears or one to ten candy bars. If you don't buy so many sweets at first, the "danger" is the less you eat too much. It's small, of course, of course. For example, I sweeten with a piece of chocolate every Saturday morning cleaning. First of all, kind of bittersweet, pretty wonderfully intense for everyone with one sweet tooth out!

8. Scroll enough

As mentioned in the beginning, diet is the largest part of the diet. Still, sports should not be missed in everyday life, whether you lose weight or not. For example, you can effectively prevent back pain that can cause you to sit too much. You also feel more at home and physically better when you exercise regularly. For me, jogging is a great balance, no matter the time. It is important that you find the sport (s) you enjoy. Only then is it realistic to stick to it and that movement naturally becomes part of your daily routine.

Perfectly crafted, the sport is even more fun: