District League: Unterkochen and Palinkas effect 2

District League: Unterkochen and Palinkas effect

If you like, then Sven Palinkas is the destined "firefighter" in the Football District League. For the second time in just two years, he stepped in as the new coach during the current season and brought FV 08 Unterkochen back on track. The first disappointment should now follow in a guest win on TV Neuler.

In fact, he wanted to step down in the summer and intentionally decided to coach another FVU team in the future. "But Stefan Kurz obviously interpreted that cleverly," says Sven Palinkas with a smile. Because he thought Spielleiter Kurz was the right man at the right time to return white and white after a false start and the resignation of coach Stefan Rettenmaier on his way to success. "The team needed to regain confidence," Palinkas explains in retrospect. This was achieved in an impressive way: against Lauchheim (6-1), Lorch (4-0) and Gerstetten (6-0), three consecutive victories were successively withdrawn.

Palinkas can sing a song about how it feels to jump into a fight during the season. A little over two years ago, the 38-year-old took over the coaching position at SV Neresheim, brought Klosterstädter into relegation and put on a surprising split to make last year's championship base. Even with FVU, expect him to have greater ambitions than just being in the back midfield as he currently is. "I didn't know a few players. I have to admit," Palinkas says, "but now everything fits in very well." The positive trend is encouraging a newcomer to the side: "The troupe is in good spirits, the team is full again." an experienced assistant coach. "The team is tight," says the enthusiastic Palinkas, but at the same time warns, "We must continue to work for ourselves."

A little dissatisfaction

Due to two defeats against Nattheim (2: 3) and Waldhausen (1: 3), some disagreement returned to Häselbachtal. Against an undefeated second, the green-and-white tables were even taken in the 63rd minute. "Too bad, because that would have been at least one point. If it wasn't for the win," says Palinkas, "but we didn't invest enough in the second half. According to the coach, "two high-caliber players are waiting for the next two weekends." Unterkochen (9/16 points) will air on TV Neuler (4/20) this Sunday, seven days later there will be a strong freshman Hermaringen (7/18). Neuler is currently on track to leave his "stubborn" as Palinkas calls him. With a "high caliber" in front of his chest, Unterkochen is likely to face a hot November, in which he will show whether the "Palinkas effect" will continue to have a positive effect. “It is a clear claim by me and my team to play in the top six,” says the coach of the way. In the relegation fight Kirchheim / Trochtelfingen (15/11), with a 3-1 home win over Schwabsberg-Buch, sent a much-needed sign of life and now wants to surprise the national league outcast FC Bargau (6/18). For Schwabsberg-Buch (13/13), however, the situation got even worse. With the opponent coming, the mood is the opposite: skater SC Hermaringen (7/18) has left his poor start behind six of his last nine games.

Meanwhile, Lauchheim (11/15) hit all of the soul frustration with an 8-2 draw in the lower end of Großdeinbach. It is important to use your newfound confidence to convince yourself against Heldenfingen / Heuchlingen (8/17). Großdeinbach (16/4) fights away at Lorch (12/13) probably for his last chance. Hofherrnweiler II (5/18), now riding TSG Nattheim (10/15), has already moved forward.

Two title contenders are already on the rest of the field with 13 (!) Points each. Waldhausen expects a difficult task in Schnaitheim (3/21). At the same time, Bettringen will be visiting Gerstetten (14/11).

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