Do you want a perm? You should know that 2

Do you want a perm? You should know that

In the 80's there was a trend of hairstyles par excellence, now it's back, but different: perm. The fixed wave was invented in 1906 by Karl Ludwig Nessler, and reached its trendy peak between the 1970s and 90s. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Olivia Newton-John and Julia Roberts presented huge curls, true to the motto: more is more!

Sarah Jessica Parker curls

Sarah Jessica Parker loved being in her 80s with huge rugs of innumerable ringlets
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Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in Grease

Olivia Newton-John wore pompous curls in "Grease" with John Travolta – and became one of the perms of the late '70s
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How does permutate work?

Perm is a permanent wave, as far as it goes. But how exactly does it work? Hairstylist Kim Plate of "Kim & I" in Münster explains it more precisely: "A permanent wave is a chemical and permanent hair styling." This works with smooth, slightly wavy and already very curly hair. Plate: "You can wave all your hair, not only smooth, but also curls. For example, afro can be transformed into larger curls with large wraps." This happens through "chemical reactions that take place in the hair." winding, and the winding technique determines the direction of fall.

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Exactly how the wave enters the hair, explains the hairdresser: "Once all the hair is wrapped, a permanent wave fluid, called so-called thioglycolic acid, a winding agent, is applied to the hair." The fluid penetrates the hair and breaks the so-called disulfide bridges there. in keratin, which are responsible for the shape and stability of the hair. "After twenty minutes of exposure, the liquid is flushed. The screw stays in the hair and will not loosen. Then each fan dries individually, so that the hair is re-absorbed for the next course." Here, hydrogen peroxide is applied as a fixation – and the hair is permanently wavy. "

How harmful is perma?

Perm is similar to bleaching soy on your hair. Anyone who already has broken hair should keep their hands off her. In any case, it should be weighed: Chemical intervention can make your hair tidy, make it fragile and dry. It can even break. Now, techniques and products have evolved naturally since the 1980s and are much more gentle, but the perma is still not harmless.

Perm woman

Nowadays, perma is a bit more decent: from natural curls to permanent waves on the beach, anything is possible
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How long does a perma last – and what if it grows?

Perms last between two and five months, meanwhile the hair continues to grow. If this is completely smooth by nature and turned into an extreme curl, it can look quite silly. Therefore, women with very straight hair should consider choosing light waves instead of Afros. One option is to put your hand between them so that you can temporarily turn your hair, even with large curlers, into large curls. If the perma has grown so much that it disturbs it properly, the razor can make a new one. If you have enough waves, you can also undo it by smoothing the pros. This is not a hair walk.

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How do I care for perma?

The most important rule of caring for perms is: Leave them alone in the beginning. I mean, washing is a taboo for at least the first three days. Then the wave can be washed as usual, but it is advisable to do so only every three days. You can use a dry shampoo in between. To moisturize taut hair, use a conditioner while washing and adjust products to stretch your hair. In general, the perma does not need a lot of styling, but a lot of moisture. Here are, for example, medicines that are left without delay.

Can I make a perma myself?

In principle, however, the expert acknowledges that experiment alone is "basically not recommended". Although there are special permanent wave kits for the home, but you could "do a lot of things wrong!" Those who do not want to opt for a permanent wave, but there are various ways to make your own curls. Then only temporarily, but certainly softer.