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Dr. Avilda Santiago-Wilson – Salt of Life Natural Health, LLC – Rogers, AR

Dr. Avilda Santiago-Wilson – Salt of Life Natural Health, LLC – Rogers, AR
1 Halsted Circle, Suite # 5, Rogers, AR 72756

Dr. Awilda Santiago-Wilson – Salt of Life Natural Health, LLC

We are the original natural health center in Northwest Arkansas.

Today's fast-paced lifestyle is an open invitation for illnesses and other physical ailments. Prescription drugs do not always give people the results they are looking for. Immune systems weaken and people begin to turn to other sources for their health needs … Traditional naturopathy. This free (also called "alternative") health care method, which focuses on the body's innate ability to sustain and heal, has given many people new hope of receiving and, in many cases, restoring their health. This original form of healthcare offers preventative evaluations and herbal, homeopathic, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, nutritional advice and natural therapies that help bring the body, mind and mind back to balance.

Naturopathy can be traced back to about 400 BC. when used at Hippocrates Medical School. Certified Traditional Classical Naturopath specializes in wellness by teaching clients how to apply natural approaches to living to help the body's natural potential for healing and building health. Traditional Naturopath does not attempt to "diagnose" or "cure the disease," but rather acknowledges that most of the altered health conditions are the result of cumulative lifestyle effects. These are most commonly associated with poor diet, unhealthy habits, repeated use of antibiotics, stressors and natural defenses that subsequently lead to a gradual disruption of health.

Naturopath treats the "whole body" (hence the term "holistic") with the understanding that each cell of the body is in constant communication with one another. Our goal is to identify the cause of the problem, not to try to mask the symptoms. We focus on using the resources that nature has provided us with: water, heat, light, food, electricity and herbs to improve your quality of life.

Services: Variety of natural detox therapies, salt room with halotherapy, certified thermal imaging, Naturopathic advice, Lifestyle and nutrition coaching, Iridology, Thermography.