First points for SG Gutach / Wolfach in Steißlingen? 2

First points for SG Gutach / Wolfach in Steißlingen?

SG Gutach / Wolfach teams play on Sunday in Steißlingen against strong TuS reserve teams. The women want to score in this upcoming duel, and the men for the first time this season.

The TuS Steißlingen II handball women marched in the Lake Constance district without any negative points through the district class and placed themselves in the exclamation point of the national league. All they had to do was defeat the Mimmenhausen / Mühlhofen league leaders and get to rank 3 with a score of 10-2. The Oberliga reserve with coach Claus Amman has a strong attack with an average of 28 goals per game.
There are only 21.5 hits in the SG G / W, but you have one of the strongest defensive lines, but it's hard to get away from home. There, the heel on the table has 0: 6 points, at home it is 6: 0. What succeeds in domestic climates, the team of coaches Thomas Sum and Kathrin Grimm must also be implemented abroad. The game starts at 2.30pm at Sportpark Mindlestal in Steißlingen.

He gained new confidence

– Display –

He didn't score again, but he gained a lot of confidence. So is the sober record of handball SG Gutach / Wolfach after their 27:32 derby defeat against TV St. Georgen. With seven defeats in seven games, it starts at 4.30pm against Südbadenliga reserve TuS Steißlingen.

As early as the eighth game, you will do everything you can to get the first points in the end, even if the task is not easier after every negative experience. The hosts play a solid round like they did in previous years, with 9: 7 points and TB Kenzingen in fifth place. The TuS reserve has always been full of veterans and promising talent on the diving board in the first-class senior class.

SG G / W has always been tough against great hosts, especially in away games. The goal must be the aggression of the Hegau derby and the big challenge for Steißlingen. The Sepp / Wöhrle coaching team must pass without regular runners Jannic Schmider and Max Buchholz.