Goodbye Germany (VOX): A strong change for Jenna Büchner's wife Daniela 2

Goodbye Germany (VOX): A strong change for Jenna Büchner's wife Daniela

Daniel Büchner's "goodbye to Germany" star is almost unrecognizable: the widow of VOX cult mountaineer Jens Büchner has changed radically.

  • "Goodbye to Germany" star Daniela Büchner has completely changed
  • Cult hiker Jens Büchner jokes a new look on Instagram
  • Not all fans are excited about the new look

Mallorca – Daniela Büchner (41), widow of Jens Büchner († 49), has a new look. You knew until recently Goodbye GermanyA star with blond hair. Now she was at the barber shop and completely changed the guy, like * reported.

As she posted on her Instagram account, she has nowdark brown hair with blue strands. In the picture, a VOX participant is smiling in front of the camera and presenting his new hairstyle.

Under the post, the 41-year-old wrote: "I think you need to do something new to keep inventing yourself" (in English: "I think you need to do something new to make up your own mind." VOX-Protagonists are delighted with the new hairstyle: "Really great hair color, you're fine" or "It just looks great!"

"Goodbye Germany" (VOX): Daniela Büchner reacts coldly to hate comments

A few of the followers were not enthusiastic, so they clarified their dissatisfaction with the comments. One user wrote to the "Goodbye Deutschland" star: "OMG, you couldn't do worse. You look very old." Daniela Büchner responded coolly to such hate comments and wrote, "So, I ever worried about popcorn fun here because of some comments . "

Jens Büchner 2010 with "Goodbye Germany" in Mallorca

Husband of Danielle Büchner Jens Buchner He emigrated to Majorca in November 2010, and was reminded by the show "Goodbye Deutschland! Emigrants" (VOX), accompanied by his then-girlfriend Jennifer Matthias and their son, wanted to start a new life on a sunny island. year, Jens Büchner began working as a pop singer.

Daniela and Jens Büchner have been together at Goodbye Deutschland (VOX) since 2015

Daniela (at the time Karabas) met Jens Büchner in 2015 and moved to Mallorca. These evictions are also VOX show "Goodbye Germany" accompanying. The two became twin parents in 2016, and they married in 2017. A year later, the two took part in the show "Summer House of Stars – Battle of Famous Couples" (RTL).On November 17, 2018, Jens Büchner died at a hospital in Majorca for lung cancer.

Jens Büchner: VOX with XXL documentation on the first anniversary of his death

In November, the death of Jens Büchner marks the first anniversary. That's why VOX has dedicated its own XXL documentary Goodbye Germany to star Jens Büchner. Documentation will air on November 23 and will last all evening. It shows the different places and people who influenced Jens Büchner. His children Jessica and Jenny, both from their first marriage, will talk about their father's past.

Daniela Büchner celebrates the birthday of "Goodbye Germany" star Jens Büchner

Only recently, 30.10.Daniela Büchner celebrated her husband's first birthday after his death. On her Instagram account, a VOX veteran told her that she was gathering with some friends that day to remember Jens Büchner and look at the photos. Even Daniela Büchner's children, who married her to Jens Büchner, have difficulty prosecuting Jens Büchner's death. Especially the 17-year-old Volkan is preparing "Goodbye Germany" star Daniel Büchner who is currently worried.

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