Goodbye sweet paradise 2

Goodbye sweet paradise

Cult baker Martin Schoenleben in Puchheim is looking for a successor in his business. Probably many lovers of his cakes and pastries will have to give up

Who wants to know why Martin Schönleben's business has earned the reputation of a "cult bakery" just has to go to his homepage and will undoubtedly sue him, which the Puchheimers will soon not lose. It is wonderful to document on the Internet that a trained pastry chef "always likes to try something new," as he says, and full of creativity. Hardly a global or regional event not accompanied by a special bakery, yes, often sweetened. A small snippet from past years: Crowned with the favorite cookies of Trump and Clinton in the US presidential election. He baked bread with the coat of arms of the county seat of the newly elected mayor of Fürstenfeldbrucker. And the Germans' opponent in the World Cups, he acknowledged with their country's pastries like a nut butter cookie called "Hup Toh Soh" from China for women or Mexican women's rings "Rosquitas de Damas" for men. The creative scope is rounded off with books, and in the recent Heimat – Das Backbuch you will find every baked holiday and its history.

But lovers, far beyond Puchheim, these almost global culinary ideas must be adapted to the fact that they will soon have to give up: "We're not closing tomorrow," Schoenleben confirms, but for coffee, The Store and Bakery in a Street Warehouse, he's looking for a successor . Since the retirement, the 57-year-old and his three-year-old wife, who looks after the store, are a bit distant, but the confectioner is looking forward: "We don't even want someone to make us go fast." This is the end of the family tradition: Grandpa had a bakery in Lochhausen, his father moved to Puchheim in the early 70's. The fourth generation will no longer exist. Schoenleben's son learned to be a pastry chef, but then he opted for journalism and is now Hamburg's communications manager. The daughter became a makeup artist.

Finding an heir will not be easy. As you know, the number of bakeries in the district is shrinking, with only 14 organized in the guild. The double count was in 1994, almost all still exist, but only more than the Aufback branches. Even from the time when a suitable buyer reports, Puchheimer expects a good half a year until everything is resolved.

This will be reassuring for their customers, as they will be able to enjoy an almost unbelievable choice at least in the coming Christmas season, except for the usual large assortment of pies. Schoenleben bakes 60 kinds of cookies, which says with confidence: "So many don't bake". By the way, it's just a little pastry that Schönleben prefers in every respect: "You can make use of the full range of confectionery here." And lastly, he loves pastry cakes the most: "I like to eat sweets," confesses a Puchheim confectioner, "but only if it's something small."

If you are interested in an independent bakery, including a shop and cafe, you can contact Martin Schoenleben. You can contact him at 089/80 16 56.