Heads of land call for a "significant increase" in medical research sites

Heads of land call for a "significant increase" in medical research sites


The Wiener Neustadt Provincial Governors Conference called for a "significant increase" in the number of seats available to potential medical students. This is a "clear mandate" for the new federal government, said the current president, Lower Austria Austrian Chief Justice Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP).

"We expect the new federal government to act quickly and quickly," Mikl-Leitner told reporters afterwards. Finally, in the area of ​​care and health, the "true" shortage of skilled labor is taxed. On the other hand, she did not want to repeat the call to double the apprenticeship she had previously made. The decision of the LH Conference was unanimous.

An "important accompanying measure" will also be to bring trained physicians then to rural or demand regions. That could be through scholarships, for example, says Mikl-Leitner. For example, students should receive a scholarship if they undertake to go to Needs.

Criticism of university plans has led Mikl-Leitner to the issue of funding. Of course she could also understand the "care" of the university. The extension of the study site must therefore be linked to "adequate funding". In this way, the quality of education can be maintained. Mikl-Leitner saw support for the proposal in parts of the medical association and patient advocates.

uniko practices critique

Universtätenkonferenz (uniko) was not satisfied with the demand. The plans were "neither thoughtful nor feasible, let alone financially viable," Union President Oliver Vitouch stressed during a LH conference in a press release. The occasional shortage of doctors causes "not in the period before, but after graduation." He found himself in a problem of distribution between city and country, hospitals and practices, Vitouch said. Increasing your study space is therefore an "inappropriate tool".

Rector of the Medical University of Vienna Markus Müller, who is also a member of the uni-presidency, fears again that doubling the number of places would jeopardize the Austrian EU privilege to negotiate a 75 percent quota for domestic study places and hamper the university's competitiveness. A deteriorated ratio of care would also adversely affect the research and care of patients in university hospitals.