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Presenting innovative greenhouses (left to right): Tino Kley and Bayram Herbs have fresh vintage herbs in hand, Marius Reusch and Anouar Rtail hold a box of plant seedlings that are a week old. Photo by Rieger

Presenting innovative greenhouses (left to right): Tino Kley and Bayram Herbs have fresh vintage herbs in hand, Marius Reusch and Anouar Rtail hold a box of plant seedlings that are a week old. Photo by Rieger

LANG-GÖNS / RIGHT BACH – Long Göns / RechtenbachFresh herbs such as Genovese or Thai basil, dill, mint, parsley and hair, which are grown directly on the market and then sold, are now available at Rewe's two stores at Lang-Gön's "Am Lindenbaum" and at Rechtenbach Buy. These are the first two Rewe stores in Germany to feature this innovative freshness offering. Bayram Travaci, owner and managing director of the two stores, presented these indoor herb gardens along with his deputy Tina Kley and Anouar Rtail from Infarm.

This is made possible by the so-called "farms" of start-up company "Infarm" from Berlin, which are located in the fruit and vegetables department of the two central Hessian Rewe Markets in its branch in Maintal, Frankfurt, Frankfurt, a high-tech greenhouse. . Two farms were set up per market.

What is the idea behind these greenhouses? "We want to make fresh, clean, tasty and nutritious products accessible and affordable for everyone," said the founder of Infarm, which started in 2013 and is now active throughout Germany, in other European countries and abroad. "We are redesigning the entire supply chain for the agricultural sector: we build our products locally and can then offer fresh harvests to customers," explained Anouar Rtail. "It will save thousands of kilometers through 90 percent less traffic," added Tino Kley. How does the system work? In a farm-like cabinet module with several open compartments, 160 plants are used per week. At present, these are exclusively medicinal herbs. Thanks to a clever system, seedlings wander outside within three weeks and can be harvested after this time. Inside, weekly replanted plants grow inside. "Our engineers are inspired by sunflower in this system," Rtail said. For example, 15 360 plants can be freshly harvested each year at two farms in Lang-Göns. Plants are placed in small capsules in the wells and grown in a nutrient substrate that can be monitored and controlled by the computer at any time. This will consume 95 percent less water and 75 percent less fertilizer compared to conventional soil-based agriculture. There is also no drainage. "We work completely without chemical pesticides, fungicides, growth hormones and pesticides," said an Infarma employee. You can't go anywhere without plastic, "but we're working on it," he admitted. The seed is always uncultivated and, if available, grown organically. Two farms, like in Lang-Göns, could yield as much as 800 square feet of arable land. In addition, some plants are too sensitive to cross the traditional supply chain. LED lighting serves as a light source. Two rural cabinets are closed and are maintained exclusively by infrared gardeners. Ripe herbs are also harvested and placed in the sales area. Later, salads will be added to the plants. Salad varieties are already being sold, but are brought twice a week by gardeners from Maintal.

"The plants are more nutritious, fresher and tastier. They are 100 percent local, 100 percent pure: we are absolutely convinced of this concept," said Bayram Travaci. Rewe advertises the new offer with the slogan: "The agrarian revolution has arrived in your neighborhood!"

Also, Langgöns Mayor Marius Reusch came to the presentation and was impressed: "This is a great thing! An excellent concept, realized here, in terms of resource consumption and sustainability," he praised. "I'm always surprised at what clever ideas there are," the city hall chief said. The Grasslands and his team "always lead the Langgöns. They have often drawn attention to innovative ideas and thus contributed to long-term economic success," Reusch emphasized.

As a further innovation, Bayram Travaci announced on November 19th a press release on the market with which every customer can even get fresh hazelnut or almond cream in combination with chocolate. Herborn craft beer will be available soon. Now Chief Rewe hopes that all these innovations are diligently used by customers.