How To Get Glitter Eyeshadow To Stick 2

How To Get Glitter Eyeshadow To Stick

Glitter Eyeshadow is as bright as it gets, but it doesn't always have the strongest durability. And sometimes things can get a little dirty (read: glitter in your eyes). Whether you use compressed or loose glitter, the secret weapon you hold is a good base.

How To Get Glitter Eyeshadow To Stick 3

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Tips for Applying Compressed Shadow Eyes

Do not apply glossy eyeshadow or wear like non-stressful varieties, so it is important

Your eyelid based or eye shadow foundation



Eyes make makeup shades lighter, more vibrant and more faithful to the color in the pan while


The bases create a deeper, more complete color. The "less is more" rule applies to both primer and eye shadow. Too much product can cause shrinkage, which is not nice. if

colored powder or cream

pressed glitter eyeshadow, here's the technique: Use one

Flat eye shadow brush

or your clean finger ring and apply a thin base layer or primer over the entire lid to the bone cortex. Mix and smooth with one

small, fluffy, rounded brush

, Again use a flat eyeshadow brush or ring ring and dip the eyeshadow into flipping movements on your eyelids to place the product tightly and cleanly. Put it as needed.

Tips for Applying Loose Shine

More than squeezed shadows, loose lamps tend to fall easily from the eyelid. In this case, loose shine needs a stronger base such as

Cosmetic glue or glitter glue

, You can skip the conventional eye shadow primer and go straight to the glue. However, if you are distributing loose shine over normal eyeshadows, prepare the eyelid with a primer or base before applying the first coat of eyeshadow, so that the color retains after adding the glue.

Apply a thin layer Use your application product or clean ring. Pour a small amount of loose glitter onto a clean surface. the lid works well. Apply a minimal amount of sparks with a flat eyeshadow brush or ring ring, hit the excess and dip it in the eyelid. For a more dramatic look, layer it.

Tips for finishing and removing

At the end of your application, try using an adjusting spray to secure the glow. To remove, take some

cotton curves

and one

oil based makeup makeup

, Wet a cotton swab with water and spray your eye area with some water. Add makeup to the dried makeup with saturated water. Gently press the cotton pad and hold it over the eye for a few seconds to enjoy the area. Begin to gently rub the shine and walk the area several times until it is clear. Rinse with clean water and dip the eye area firmly but gently with a soft cloth or scarf.