How to identify if Ground Beef is still good 2

How to identify if Ground Beef is still good

Ground beef is very susceptible to spoilage, even more so than solid meat plates, because it releases large areas during milling. While rotten meat is dangerous to anyone, it is especially dangerous to babies and other young people, the elderly and those who have a weakened immune system due to illness or health. Treat beef well and know the signs of deterioration to prevent the disease. Minced meat is safe to eat when cooked at an internal temperature of 160 degrees, but if it is already damaged, this temperature does not guarantee safety.

How to identify if Ground Beef is still good 3

For the safe consumption of ground beef, the signs of deterioration are known.

Step 1

Read the label to see if your minced meat was purchased on that date. Store minced meat in the refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase.

Step 2

Check out the minced meat. It is normal for beef to be darker on the inside and red on the outside. Redness is a sign of exposure to oxygen, which naturally occurs when beef is ground. If the ground beef is dark or gray, it can become infected or contaminated in the express lane.

Step 3

It smelled of minced meat. Corruption produces an acidic odor or a deep, distressed odor. The fresh beef smells clean and has no strong odor.

Step 4

Feel the surface of the minced meat. Be careful to break it if it feels smooth, slimy or sticky.

Step 5

Prepare the boiled flour carefully for taste and taste. Even if it passes all the other tests, if it tastes bad, don't eat it.