How To Make Delicate Goat Meat 2

How To Make Delicate Goat Meat

Goat meat is a commonly used protein in ethnic cuisine, such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and India, but is increasingly incorporated into American cuisine. According to the USDA, adult goat meat pieces are known for their durability, but there are some best practice techniques and cooking styles that can help you achieve a tasty and delicate end product.

How To Make Delicate Goat Meat 3

Goat meat is a thin and tough cut

Step 1

Buy fresh goat meat from the local butcher or market that has not yet been frozen for the best results. Meat that is incorrectly packaged or frozen for a very long time can be subjected to freezing combustion, which ultimately affects the taste and durability of the cut.

Step 2

Goat meat before cooking with finely chopped or measured with a knife. This process will flatten the flesh and break down the muscle fibers and structure that contribute to the durability of a lean and low fat meat such as goat.

Step 3

Marinate the goat meat instead of preparing it for cooking with a dry rubbing. If the cut can be bathed with the added moisture, the juices are transferred to the goat. recommends marinating the goat overnight and incorporating enzymatic ingredients such as kiwi, papaya and raw pineapple to break down the goat protein-protein structure.

Step 4

Choose a slow cooking technique instead of a high temperature, grill or frying pan. Slow heat application for a long time helps to soften goat meat in your recipe. Think about making a stew or sipping meat to maximize the gastronomic potential of goat meat.