LT elections: If the SP wins, Rottenmann comes to the main hospital 2

LT elections: If the SP wins, Rottenmann comes to the main hospital

Graz. Under the motto: "Health should not be a luxury", LH Vice President Michael Schickhofer (SPÖ) presented his action plan for the best health care for all Styrians. In addition to the plan, he also made a promise: If he wins the SPÖ in the region, the leading hospital would come to Rottenmann.

Modern supply in town and countryside

Boda. The Comprehensive Action Plan is divided into three main points. Prevention and prevention, emergency and outpatient care, and the expansion of the health system in general. Thanks to the applications, Scandinavian model-based telemedicine could save the way in a low-threshold and uncomplicated way – providing an emergency call on the wrist, especially for older Styrians, for greater safety in emergencies. More doctors and greater transparency in appointments should shorten the waiting time for surgery.

With SPÖ, profit becomes cheaper than Leitspital

Training. The plan also includes women's medicine, the mentally ill and addiction prevention. Schickhofer also wants to invest in training local doctors.

Rottenmann. If he makes money in the region, he would also want a more affordable variant of Leitspital. Rottenmann solution is 140 million much cheaper than the Stainach-Pürgg variant of ÖVP.