Lyst Trend: These are the most popular brands in the world in 2019 2

Lyst Trend: These are the most popular brands in the world in 2019

What do we buy online when we choose from about 12,000 designers and stores? “We” are more than nine million customers whose behavior is being purchased by the fashion search platform Lyst for two years, quarterly. So what are we looking for in two years? Partly after the same stickers. 80 percent of the brands, which are also particularly popular in the third quarter of this year, have been on the market for two years without interruption. Hot List.

Currently, according to Lyst and Google: Off-White in first place, Balenciaga in second, Gucci in third. Why are these brands permanently popular? And this has been analyzed to sound like simple math.

2019 Trend Labels: This is what makes the world's 20 most popular brands right

They have designers who are stars

65 percent of designers with top 20 labels have their accounts on social media and as many followers as stars or influencers on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and China's Weib, averaging two million. Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia has left Vetements and Off-Whites co-founder of labels Virgil Abloh to rest a bit during Paris Fashion Week, a lot has been talked about and is packed with hashtags. The popular brands themselves have an average of 24.3 million followers.

They have a long tradition

In addition to Off-White and Vetements, both less than ten years old, the world's most popular brands are traditional labels. 45 percent are 50 to 100 years old, 20 percent even older.

They design popular sneakers

If you really want to be popular, you should have good running shoes in your collection. According to the Lyst Index, 22 percent of all top brand orders in the last quarter included a pair of sneakers. Overall, they account for 56 percent of shoe sales in the top 20 brands.

They present their collections in Paris or France

Most of the top 20 brands are in Italy (50 percent) or France (25 percent). The exceptions are Alexander McQueen (17th) and Burberry (8th) in London, as well as Loewe in Spain (20th), Nike in the US (12th) and Vetements in Switzerland (10th). All brands display their collections during Milan or Paris Fashion Week when they present fashion shows.

They design both women's and men's fashion

On average, women's and men's collections were offered at a rate of 60 to 40 percent for online purchases. Of these, almost 45% are actually clothing. 25 percent are shoes, 17 percent are other accessories, 13 percent are bags.

They hire real stars

If you want to reach a ton of customers, you'll still be familiar with faces in every corner of the globe. Gucci is working with Harry Styles, and Fendi (# 7) is working with Nicki Minaj. The mention of Versace on social media rose 5822 percent after Jennifer Lopez went down the runway in September in a remake of the famous low-cut gown.

They smell good

75 percent of the world's 20 most popular brands, not only in fashion, but in their own beauty, from perfume to make-up.

You have identified sustainability as your goal

If you want to be popular in the future, you need to take care not only of the customers, but also of the environment. Half of the labels in the top 20 Lyst Indices have signed the G7 Fashion Pact, 45 percent on their own sustainable efforts website. 40 percent have set a goal of climate neutrality, while Balmain, Burberry, Gucci, Prada and Versace consistently abstain from fur.