Medical students visit Siegen 2

Medical students visit Siegen

The new course "Human Medicine Bonn-Siegen" meets criticism at the Wissenschaftsrat. Students create their picture in Siegen.

Medical students visit Siegen

"We have experienced open-minded and motivated doctors in all clinics, which was great. You can feel the desire to work here with young people." and four Siegen hospitals.

Insights into Siegen

The appointment has been planned for a long time – despite a critical review of the Science Council (WR) model of the New Medicine of Thinking project, students have come with an open mind and curiosity for the victories. "We wanted to create our own picture, many of them have never been to Siegen before," said Rector Prof. Dr. Honey. Holger Burckhart at Artur-Woll-Haus University.

A visit to Siegen made it possible to visit individual project model clinics. There, students gained insight into high-tech medicine such as robotic and hybrid surgery, as well as pediatrics and the South Westphalia Health Institute in Siegen.

In addition, they met the teachers responsible for teaching. After a visit to Haardter Berg, prof. Veit Braun (Vice Dean for Health Care at the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Siegen) and Prof. Dr. Honey. Bernd Pötzsch (Vice-Dean for Studies and Teaching, University of Bonn) accompanied the students. They had many questions in their luggage: on the day-to-day topics around the town of Siegen, but of course the aftermath of the WR report.

The project model is criticized by the Scientific Council

The criticism of the Scientific Council on the project model, especially on the future of the graduate program "Human Medicine Bonn-Siegen", has clearly caused some uncertainty among students. So far, it has been planned that undergraduate students of Human Medicine Bonn-Siegen complete the first part of their studies in Bonn and move on to the 7th semester, the clinical phase, after Siegen.

Professor Burckhart explained that the Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW) and the two universities are now considering offering medical studies throughout the duration of their studies in Bonn – and supplementing them with elective modules from Siegen. "I'm still convinced of the project.

This is important for our region, and specifically as an example for other regions with similar demographic trends. The University of Siegen will continue the project with strong partners in the region, with the University of Bonn and the Erasmus Rotterdam Medical Center, in line with the recommendations of the Science Council and in close cooperation with politicians, "Prof. Burckhart is convinced.

The project should continue

"We continue to believe that the direction of the project is very important to us and to NRW. Therefore, we fully support the diversion and look forward to further development," said Prof. Dr. Honey. Bernd Weber, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bonn.

Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen, Minister for Culture and Science in North Rhine-Westphalia, said in a review that she wanted to continue the project: "The Scientific Council considers the model project model a" medicine rethinker "from the Universities of Siegen and Bonn Scientific Council socially relevant, ”argued Pfeiffer-Poensgen.

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