Milk Diet: Can I Lose Weight? 2

Milk Diet: Can I Lose Weight?

What is the butterfly diet?

There are different butterfly diet options, But they all have one thing in common: Increased consumption of foam milk should allow you to lose weight. Depending on which diet you follow, add milk puree to each meal, replace the meal with your drink completely, or even just consume foamed milk.

Why should milk help you lose weight?

The background to the diet is that buttermilk is considered very healthy: it contains a lot of protein, calcium and minerals, but it does not need a lot of fat and calories. 100 milliliters of foamed milk contains only about 35 kilocalories. The proteins contained are long saturated, calcium also activates various hormones and enzymes that are involved in the regulation of weight. I: Breast milk contains a lot of zinc, which can improve insulin secretion and thus keep blood sugar levels constant. This avoids craving. By the way, there is no butter in milk – you can only think of it as a by-product of butter production.

How Does The Butterfly Diet Work?

Depending on the butterfly diet variant, you have to pay attention to different things:

  • Butter as a supplement: With this concept, buttermilk is only used as a supplement to an otherwise healthy diet. Butterfly milk can be drunk at every meal or incorporated into it – for example, enriching cereals with mashed potatoes or making salad dressing. For a healthy diet, which you can also lose weight, there are fiber products on the menu (eg in integral pasta or bread), as well as eggs, fish, lean meat, lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy fats (eg in olive oil or nuts) ). As much as possible avoid sugar, finished products and alcohol. With this butterfly diet, you can lose weight slowly but sustainably.
  • Butter as a meal replacement: Another method is to replace one of three meals a day with 500 milliliters of foamed milk. This increases the intake of proteins that accelerate muscle growth and keep you full for a long time, on the other hand, carbohydrate supply is automatically limited. Otherwise, just as healthy foods should be respected, as should the first concept. This method allows the pounds to drop a little faster than the first, but it also requires a little more discipline.

Generally, both concepts with purees are moderate, symptoms of deficiency are unlikely if you take care to provide the body with all the important nutrients during the meal. Lentil diet can help in these forms to change your diet permanently. The situation is different with the latter method:

  • Drink only foamed milk: The strictest form of eating butterflies is that you only feed on foamed milk. This version is rather not recommended: too little carbohydrates, calories, fats and minerals are absorbed and the body can disappear. Although you will lose weight so fast, but the risk of yo-yo effect is great because the diet does not change permanently. Plus, the concept is hard to maintain anyway, just like any crashing diet.

Conclusion of butterfly diet

Milk is undoubtedly healthy and goes well with a healthy diet. Two moderate variants also support weight loss – slowly but sustainably. If you like foamed milk anyway, you can give butter a chance to eat. Only the strict version is discouraging – the risks for the symptoms of the deficiency and the JoJo effect are too great if you drink only pureed milk.

And what else is there besides buttermilk?

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