Munich: Globes instead of antibiotics? 2

Munich: Globes instead of antibiotics?

Homeopathic balls
The white ball ball is made up mostly of sugar.

Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / Archive


The joint call for proposals voted for 120 MPs – eight more than the coalition itself. At the plenary meeting, the petition, which was discussed regarding the follow-up to so-called multi-drug resistant bacteria, led to some controversial discussions. criticshomeopathystressed that the study was redundant at best.

The prisoners voted against, except for the FDP and AfD and SPD. On Twitter, he posted the result of the Bayern-SPD vote and commented, "We're a little stunned."

"The project of the government of the Bavarian state is negligent, because it suggests the question already raised that homeopathic remedies like globules could fight bacteria with more resistance," said Dominic Spitzer (FDP). So far, no scientific study has been able to prove that homeopathic remedies themselves work against complaints.

Many Twitter users have also expressed their dissatisfaction and doubt the scientific value of this study.

Others accept it with humor.

For many users, homeopathic remedies like the globe are no more than sugar balls and therefore no more effective than sweets.

Others believe that this taxpayer’s waste can be seen in this project. Like this user who posts the hashtag #Globukalypse: