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Off the couch with Dr. E …
Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Georgia

Author, public speaker and media consultant

Individual, couple and family therapy

Experience working with children, teens and adults

Dr. Fisher has extensive experience in dealing with people with attention deficit and learning disorders, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, trauma and recovery, dissociative disorders, and spiritual growth problems.

While Dr. Fisher is attentive to diagnostic issues that affect individuals, his focus is on individual dynamics that lead to their personal and interpersonal difficulties. It is his understanding of the interaction of emotions and perceptions of personal power that creates and feeds on so many of our problems, whether within ourselves, in the family or in an organization.

It was this approach that helped him cope with problems that many other professionals had difficulty coping with.

He has two published books, "The Art of Managing Everyday Conflict: Understanding Emotions and the Struggle for Power, and The Art of Empowered Parenthood: The Handbook You Want Your Kids to Have. He continues to write additional books related to the connection between the concepts of personal power and the interaction of emotion.

Dr. Fisher is successful in helping people in leadership positions work through issues of perfectionism and basic feelings that they never feel like they meet expectations.

Almost always, these major problems can differentiate between someone who rises to the height of success and those who always seem to be short. It is crucial for us to have the courage to look deeper and understand what makes us click.

There are many individual and societal factors that contribute to these feelings, and Dr. Fisher is very knowledgeable in helping people view their lives from a different perspective to understand the essence of their underlying problems.

Dr. Fisher seeks to find a strategic combination of interventions to address the unique problems of each individual in his or her life. The techniques Dr. Fisher uses in his work are educational tools and interaction analysis, cognitive-behavioral techniques, play therapy, visual imagery and innovative approaches to hypnotherapy.

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