Paracelus is working with Einsiedeln Hospital 2

Paracelus is working with Einsiedeln Hospital

The economic pressure it currently has on small hospitals, Paracelsus Hospital in Richterswil, has not been spared. Paracelsus Hospital medical and networking participants did not hide it Thursday night. At the invitation of the Richterswil Youth Hostel, about 30 doctors, affiliated doctors, family doctors, assignments and partners met. It was there that Jürgen Robe gave the prospect of future hospital positioning. Robe temporarily ran the clinic until the end of October and is the physician and CEO of NSN medical AG, the owner of Paracelsus Hospital.

"We are building a new surgical care network in collaboration with the hospital in Einsiedeln," Robe said. The goal is to provide surgical care that also suits the hospital. Complex cases could be treated this way where that makes sense. Basically, the base is in Richterswill for the population so patients do not have to travel far.

Paracelus is working with Einsiedeln Hospital 3Paracelus Hospital is targeting a surgical care network with Einsiedeln Hospital (pictured). Image: Keystone.

Essentially, Paracelsus Hospital wants to more strongly position integrative medicine. This refers to the specialist treatment of patients with complementary medical measures and therapies. This will be achieved with the help of Jennifer van Düren, who took over as hospital director on November 1st.

He likes to connect

Anthroposophic medicine is often referred to as a voodoo drug or Kügelidreher, said new clinic director Jennifer van Düren. But Paracelsus Hospital is much more than a small black spot in the middle, which Van Düren previously painted on a flipchart. "Hide the point and focus on the white space around the point," van Düren told the audience. Because in this there are endless possibilities that can be combined. "I like to hang out with my life," the hospital director said. She started by tying her wounds. Today, it combines medicine with economics, conventional medicine with natural sciences, and Paracelsus Hospital with region and population.

"Anthroposophic medicine is often casually called voodoo medicine or whip."Paracelus is working with Einsiedeln Hospital 4
Jennifer van Düren, director of the clinic

Concerns also dear to Jürgen Robe. Even today, Paracelsus Hospital is still stored in the minds of the population as an anthroposophical hospital. "But we're much more than that," Robe said. "Our basis is conventional medicine." Of these, the population can go three ways. First, as a patient you get standards like in any hospital or, second, you choose complementary medicine to conventional medicine. Often the latter is used for chronic diseases. The result would be a mosaic of anthroposophically expanded drug treatment. The third category of patients, on the other hand, focuses on a specific part of complementary medicine and rejects basic medicine, for example in the form of chemotherapy. "Of course, here we have to weigh on a case-by-case basis how far we can make that decision or, for example, in the case of obstetrics," Robe said.

Michael Maasberg, who works at Paracelsus Spital in June as medical director and head of the joint oncology and internal medicine department, also introduced himself Thursday night. His heart's desire was to become a new stronghold on the left bank of Lake Zurich with the planned expansion of palliative care in the area. "People would like to come to us and be in good hands."

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