Removing glass lenses to rotate images 2

Removing glass lenses to rotate images

Removing eyeglasses from a pair of eyeglasses can be done without damaging the lenses or lenses, if you are gentle and careful.

Removing glass lenses to rotate images 3

credit: peshkov / iStock / GettyImages Glass dissolving lenses To change frames

Determine what kind of glasses you have. Do your glasses have a screw that opens the frame and lets the lens fall? Are your lenses fixed and you have no obvious way to remove the lens without force? Are you sure the lenses you remove fit another pair of frames?

Try moving the lens to a plastic lens to see how tight the mounting is. Larger glasses may have been loosened by wear and the lens may slip with minimal pressure. DO NOT EXPRESS THE DEFINITION.

For a screw-on frame, use the small screwdriver provided with an eyeglass repair kit to open the box. Be careful not to remove the screw when removing it. The lens must fall when the screw is released. Make sure you do it over a soft surface so that the lens does not break.

If the lens is held firmly in the plastic frame, gently warm the frame to remove the lens. You can do this with a blowdrier or a bowl of hot water. DO NOT use boiling water!

After heating the frame for a minute, carefully remove the lens. Do not push the frame outwards. You can break the frame.

If you still cannot remove the lens, return the lens to heat for another minute. You can also use warmer water as long as it does not boil as you can melt the frame.

If you still can't remove the frame effortlessly, you can visit the optics store where you bought the glasses and ask for their help.


  • Work on a soft surface so that the lens does not break when exiting the lens.

  • Use a cloth to edit the frame when it is hot.