Stockheimer has a lot in the village 2

Stockheimer has a lot in the village

It's not just a desire for a rural community center to start a circle. Citizens present a large collection of ideas.

For years, Stockheim has been looking for a nicer place and feel than other Wörishofener neighborhoods on the theme of a village redeveloped a bit apart. "It can't go on like this," two dozen committed citizens thought, and reintroduced the "Village Renewal" project.

At a news event in September, they took on board a graduate engineer, Christopher Graff, from the Office for Rural Development, and talked with him about urgent and possible measures.

The desire for a new "makeup" for the district has also met with mayors and city council with their ears open. Already at a meeting on February 16, the administration was entrusted to "take further steps to rebuild the village in Stockheim." Good reasons for the newly formed Stockheim Rural Restoration Task Force to think about it, gather ideas and deliver gas after the first phase of launching a targeted project.


Just two months after the civil meeting, Joachim Nägele and Helmut Mayr, spokesmen for the task force, who is now head of the town hall Paul Gruschka an extensive catalog of table measures. He was completely blown away by the collection of ideas. "Just great, how quickly you responded to the city council's request and achieved great results," he praised the development goals proposed by the task force.

These are the most urgent measures in Stockheim

According to the urgent working group, the most important priority actions are the reconstruction of the rural road and the construction of two-sided sidewalks. It is also meant to limit the speed of the route. In addition, two bus shelters in the center on either side of the roadway are desirable. The redesign of the village square in the parish church is also being considered.

To gain more space, you want to move the playground in the parish garden. Further locations may be a lawn orchard in front of Geno Bank or a square in front of the fire station. Also under discussion is a remodel of an old cheese kitchen, one that can be imagined in Stockheim after the demolition and construction of a village community center. With the renaturation, the task force also wants to upgrade Mühlbach and create access to Kneipp, i.e., treading water.

The openings for the streams could be in the orchard behind the warehouse, at the fairground or at the base behind Donath's Mill. Also the elderly in the place one thought. So, we need to look for an investor who is building a “assisted living” building. So older residents can stay in the place and not have to move out, "explains Joachim Nägele of this plan.

After all, it should be in Wertachtalstraße, where by night darker weather has prevailed, brighter, and the walkways along the wall at Friedhofstraße should be wider and the environment at Käppele (prison chapel) upgraded. Village renewal pioneers would like to declare the Generationsreff Sports Ground and would be pleased if there was a resting place at the intersection of the bike path to the Garden City.

The Village Restoration Task Force pays good prospects for further funding from the Rural Development Office for its proposed construction and renovation measures. "It would be nice if the residents of Stockheim were also given subsidies to rebuild buildings and unclassified farms," ​​Joachim Nägele hopes.

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