Suede Vs. Leather - 2019 2

Suede Vs. Leather – 2019

The velvety suede and matte finish is often used with leather on clothes. While the two are often advertised as different materials, they are actually the same – suede is a type of leather finish. Both suede and leather can be used to make handbags, coats, skirts, trousers and shoes. The choice of material depends on the texture of the materials for other items in your outfit, as well as the overall effect you want to create.

Suede Vs. Leather - 2019 3

credit: ConstantinosZ / iStock / Getty Images Close up of leather jackets.

Production differences

The leather is made from the outside of a tanned leather, while the suede is made from the inside of the leather. The Suede consists of a split skin with a softer, velvety underside attached to the outside of the garment and accessories. Both leather and suede must be treated before tanning. otherwise they are very soft or hard at extreme temperatures and more susceptible to rotting.

Care and cleaning of suits

The suede, because it is made of leather, is thinner and more delicate than leather. The suede should be cleaned with special materials, as a wet cleaning with a mixture of water and baking soda does not work as well with the skin. Small scratches in suede can be removed with an eraser or toothbrush. For persistent stains, a combination of steam and friction can remove most of the lines.

Skin care and cleansing

When cleaning leather goods, do not use substances that remove natural oils in the material. Use non-residual substances and wipe off excess detergent with a soft brush or a damp, clean absorbent. In many cases it is sufficient to clean with a liquid absorbent. In addition to the after-care treatment, you should adjust your leather goods regularly. This helps keep the material supple and durable, protecting it from future stains. If your skin is saturated with water, allow it to dry slowly.

Mating ends

The skin tends to look thicker and brighter than the suede. The Suede has a distinctive look that is not as tough as the skin – less shiny. To make leather or suede, you only need to leave one or two pieces. If you have a larger piece of leather clothing – such as a coat, trousers or even a skirt – avoid other leather or suede pieces in your outfit, except perhaps a small bag or shoes. Too much of a texture can make your whole nervous and even from a distance.

Use for clothes

Both suede and leather are mainly used for cooler clothes due to their thickness. Accessories such as leather shoes and handbags are worn all year round. To keep your leather clothes fit for warmer seasons, choose products in lighter colors. For example, wear white leather shoes instead of black leather shoes in the summer to reduce their dark effect on a different summer set. Due to their more delicate nature, suits should be designed for non-rainy seasons or days, as objects can easily be damaged.