The puck does no harm to either: District Attorney Michael Makiolla promotes flu vaccination 2

The puck does no harm to either: District Attorney Michael Makiolla promotes flu vaccination

Anyone with a lot of work to do professionally – should have it – flu vaccine. Of course, this also applies to District Administrator Michael Makioll, who has now taken a small stab and advertised: "Whoever belongs to the at-risk group should be vaccinated against real flu."

Unna County. The best protection against flu is preventive vaccination. And for those in the fall, it's the right time. "Everyone who is vaccinated will not be able to catch the new wave of disease, and even those who do not become ill themselves can infect other people who have not been vaccinated and thus initiate a chain reaction," explains Dr. Sc. Roland Staudt.
Definitely thinking of a vaccine is needed for elderly and chronic patients, whose immune system is weakened by age or chronic illness. Also, a doctor recommends a vaccine for people who have frequent professional contacts with other people.
The county health authority also has some tips for reducing the risk of infection. "It pays to wash your hands regularly with soap," says Ph.D. Staudt. "If you have the ability to disinfect, you should use it."
If possible, avoid large crowds and shaking hands frequently. Even walking in fresh air can help boost the immune system, the doctor said. And whoever is already coughing or sneezing – instead of a hand, should keep their elbows in front of their face so that the pathogen does not spread further.
The right address for individual counseling and vaccination is a family doctor. Information on influenza and society can be found online at the Robert Koch Institute at

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