The tail light of the Weinsheim District League wants to win against Mörschied – Allgemeine Zeitung

While Weinsheim coach Marc Förster (left) sharpens his players' senses, Ekrem Emirosmanoglu aims to score. Photos by Martin Imruck / Mario Luge (Archive)

While Weinsheim coach Marc Förster (left) sharpens his players' senses, Ekrem Emirosmanoglu aims to score.
(Photos by Martin Imruck / Mario Luge (archive)

Wine Home – The widest chest presented to one of the youngest. One with an "egg," to describe Titan goalie Oli Kahn, one who doesn't look away. So he grabbed the 20-year-old with a pounding heart, but somehow pinpointed the gaming device while the others, uncomfortably touched, stared at the grass.

Everyone knew about the precarious table situation of SG Weinsheim, no one wanted to play Buh's man now. A matter of broken confidence, no need for explanation.

Niels Biegeler assumed responsibility. His chalk shot was not bad, but Benjamin Groß hit a corner kick, holding SG Hüffelsheim up 2-1. After 89 minutes, there was a bit of a mixup on the field as Marc Förster found themselves out of position.

He is tired of having to constantly analyze it, but yes: it gives points again. Of the nine lost match days, five of his eleven should not have escaped. "Some are upstairs, that's fantastic for them. We're downstairs, he doesn't go in there," Förster knows of mysterious football praise, praises Biegeler for his courage and tells him guilt-free. The final siren penalty awarded was in the end only: the rationale, why it works, how it works.


Hackenheim – Hüffelsheim: A good week ago, Markus Rehbein revealed that you have to "train simple things" right now. Coach Hackenheim has confirmed his men on the field on good football, had hopes ahead of a basement summit in Winterbach. Then it set 1: 6. Now comes Primus, who fought 2-1 against Weinsheim. Does TuS improve?

SG Eintracht II – Guldenbachtal: Heile football world in Guldental. After a busy week of mourning, SGG is back on track – and firmly anchored in the all-rounder of Hüffelsheimer strikers across seven clubs. He is also part of the "little" Eintracht, which has been rocking a bit in recent weeks after offensive fireworks. Ercan Ürün wants "always good football".

Türkg. Ippesheim – Planig: The series broke on Sunday. After twelve points and a whopping 10-2 goals, the top club Türkgücü lost to the embarrassing TuS Mörschied. Which once again only showed that in this class, no Croesus is safe from a basement child. Planners currently practice regularly in safe hauling.

That being said, considering the bill of accounts is very bad. "I think we have very little to blame for. We only need about 50 opportunities for one goal and only two, three," says Timon Rheinländer, 22. There is often goodwill in school reports, one is "always aspiration." Only yield …

Basically, the misery of Weinsheim is based on banal mono-demonstration. He describes Förster as "inexperienced" because everyone is a "good football player". But "maybe those who work, work, go where it hurts" are missing. SG Weinsheim therefore seeks to take the necessary measures to counter the circumstances. With Oliver Kurz, she reactivated the 37-year-old, who is able to seal a leak in the defensive series with her routine. In addition, Förster-Elf will be strengthened in March with staff whose quality in the district league is almost unmatched. Ekrem Emirosmanoglu will storm the rest of the second round of the SG in 2020. Or targeting the lawn, anyway.

The thirty-year-old Turk symbolizes the king's real transfer. A few weeks ago he threw a coaching office at Türkgücü Ippesheim, henceforth the former Eintracht striker was hired at Weinsheim. As a player. No matter what the results, Förster will sit in the executive chair until summer break, department head Patrick Donau assures. "Such a player can be used anywhere. That's how guys get used to it." Förster knows about the qualities of Emirosmanoglus, which are actually set here and there in Türkgücü.

One hopes for a savior, what else? With seven points, safe places are miles away. As it was two years ago, when SG took him around the field in a crazy comeback series. Until the break, Förster and Co. have to endure. "There is potential, but our mistakes are simply punished. Hope never dies," the coach says, and preaches ahead of the home game against Mörschied (2.30pm), one finally has to "upset the dick." "The circuit two years ago has shown that it can reach the last," Rheinländer relies on proven virtues. Five days of matches, SGW is waiting for a threesome. The first two ever. So, "brutal" you have to say it, Förster says, but "we're only missing points." Numbers that all depend on football.