These foods immediately stop the craving for carbohydrates 2

These foods immediately stop the craving for carbohydrates

An appetite for carbohydrates that would impair our dietary success may actually be prevented by certain foods. Of course, we'll tell you which products work best.

On the way to our dream character, we encounter some obstacles such as delicious snacks. In fact, it is quite difficult between work and our private lives to prepare any meal and always be prepared with a healthy, low-calorie meal when the craving comes again. The craving for a quick meal, such as crispy chips, cheese sandwiches, chips or other goodies that contain a lot of carbohydrates, is hard to slow down. However, in order to end this desire once and for all and finally manage to reach the desired figure, we seek Foods that stop our craving for products containing carbohydrates in no time, from The real miracle weapons are protein-containing foods that cause a slow increase in blood sugar levels and prevent them from moving on American cars. What you need to know in detail, you will now learn.

1. eggs

We have already learned that eggs are very suitable for combating excess weight. Not only does a complete diet, but also as a snack in between, it develops the property of containing protein. Because proteins boost our metabolism and increase our efficiency. On the other hand, they are quickly prepared as a cooked or mixed version for a small appetite or can even be taken in a handy can.

2. Lemon water

Certain drinks can also reduce our appetite for foods that contain carbohydrates and are especially gentle on the figure. In particular, fresh lemon-enriched water is recommended to capture even the fat burns with ease under the arm and mix the drinking can, which turns out to be a true booster of metabolism and also brings our digestion on the go. Especially with the sinking temperatures and the flu viruses that are usually spreading at this time of year, an acidic beverage with lots of Vitamin C also supports our immune system. One thing to remember: High levels of vitamins also inhibit our appetite. 😉

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3. Zoodles

With the craving for food for delicious noodles, we could not be fooled by the nose but with Zoodles, which are not made from wheat or whole wheat flour but made from fresh vegetables. So our pasta contains a lot of fiber-rich carbohydrates that satiate us and counteract craving in the long run. What you need for easy preparation: The vegetable cutter you already get on Amazon for around € 17.

4. Vegetable sticks with dip

Especially when you feel hungry after a long day at work and would like to put your fries in the oven, there is a much healthier option that visually resembles this dish and curbs your appetite for eating carbohydrate-rich foods. In this case, colorful vegetable sticks are an alternative to supplying our bodies, lacking in crude salty and fatty foods containing calcium and chloride, and these ingredients with the help of extra dehydrated quark or yogurt kernels.

5. nuts

Especially for between and on the go, it is hardly a healthier snack than nuts such as almonds, cashew nuts or sunflower seeds. Legumes are rich in magnesium, and it is this deficiency that can soothe us in sweet sins like a piece of chocolate, which we quickly prevent with a handful of nuts. Side effect, as required: Lots of healthy fats, vitamins E and antioxidants are added to our body in the form of nuts. © iStock

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