VfB Solingen fights crisis and flu 2

VfB Solingen fights crisis and flu

Lately, VfB – here's Memduh Sürücü (center) DV actor Orkun Bal – has often had to be encouraged. The order had to come.

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The Landesligist before the home game has nothing but tabular concerns. Britannia was sacked from the District Three trophy.

By Timo Lemmer

So far, the four highest-rated Solingen football teams have not been spoiled for success this season. The top-ranked team, VfB, is even in tangible crisis. After all, he is not threatening any drama this weekend that will host an upcoming home game. Britannia is out of the county league game: ASV Wuppertal has withdrawn his team. There are five more games this year – the first of them this Sunday.

National League: VfB Solingen – Black and White Dusseldorf (15.30, Bavert). While it is still unclear how to deal with a failed game against FC Remscheid, Baverter returns to daily business. Sports director Manuel Habljak sees it this way: "I think a small break was a good one, to get together one more time and fight more intensely against one or the other." After six league defeats and a cup against DV Solingen in a series that was certainly also over needed but could not be accessed with a full chapel. That coach André Springob in the fever stages was just the tip of the iceberg. "Participation in training was still better," says the coach, who returned to the sidelines in midweek. Even a handful of players who had to step down were gradually coming back.

Ennio Orsillo (l.) And TSV play in Langenfeld.

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The work then was on the basics: "Defending in the middle, pressing, running the ball in total and two-man leadership. That's the most important thing right now. We have to succeed through commitment, will and passion," says Springob. He hopes the team – with 43 the league's acclaimed shooting galleries – to stabilize defensively. That could then "infect" the rest of the squad as well. "We have to watch us. This is what is crucial. We fight for survival. "

"The team knows the importance of every game."

Vedat Atalay, DV Sports Director, to the winning streak

District League 1: SSV Berghausen – TSV Solingen (3.15pm). With no town duels this season, the games at Langenfeld are at least a little more explosive than usual. "But the derby is not," says TSV player coach Nils Esslinger ahead of the match on Baumberger Road. He expects the sixth to be an opponent who is "brutally strong." However, Patrick Michaelis' team has already lost the socket at the top.

TSV is ninth in anyone's country. But the sixth-place table is close: with the victory of the Solingen merger team, they are almost closing, and it is happening just as fast. This is because of the "modest continuity" of the TSV, as Esslinger identifies. He hopes to “play boots and get the right attitude on the pitch, then we are not without chances.” Especially as the lineup expands again.

District League 2: SSVg Heiligenhaus – DV Solingen (3pm). The game at the bottom of the table should become a clear number. Sporting director Vedat Atalay is responsible for not coming to the team – and is not concerned: "The team knows the importance of every single game. It has also been seen that Heiligenhaus has recently started scoring."

Thanks to the winning streak and the ASV draw, DV is now in sixth place – almost all top teams scored three points while DV lost in the yellow jump. "We want to build on these achievements. The most important thing is to get continuity. I have every confidence that we will score. "

March 2020 Quarter Cup Quarterfinals. The quarterfinal rounds of the circuit were drawn, and all other dates were determined. On March 18, 2020 there will be two derbies: Britannia receives Wald 03, Anadolu-Munzur mail. Overseas DV Solingen (SC Leichlingen) and BV Gräfrath (HSV Langenfeld) are required.


TABLE Recently, the association removed a retired ASV Wuppertal from the table: Solinger Kreismeister FC Britannia climbed to the relegation site.

GAME LOSS Britannia also has a free game: She would endure a duel against ASV. Coach Sebastian Zupanic: "Between a little break it is quite appropriate."

DERBY November holds a duel with Platznachbarn ready. Next Sunday, Britannia hosts a game against better DV Solingen with 14 points.

The specific date for the next two rounds, initially scheduled for Wednesday night, may change on Tuesday or Thursday. The semi-finals will take place on April 22, with the finals as one of the highlights of the season at Walder Stadium on June 7.