Victoria Beckham: From age 40: This insider tip provides wrinkle-free skin 2

Victoria Beckham: From age 40: This insider tip provides wrinkle-free skin

Victoria Beckham regularly appears in the media and impresses with her youthful complexion. She has now revealed her secret on Instagram: She has put on beauty capsules that cost as little as 20 euros – we found the capsules and tell you why the fashion icon just swore to this product!

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No question – Victoria Beckham, 45, is a true style icon. Make sure of that, you just have to keep track of their performances. The British, wife of David Beckham, 44, and mother of four, who once started Spice Girls, have long since become a mega successful businesswoman. In front of a large crowd, the 45-year-old shines the least her flawless complexion. The wrinkles you have to look at with a magnifying glass. Fortunately, Victoria Beckham loves to share her beauty secrets with her fans. The last betrayed her tip for radiantly beautiful skinwhich is acceptable even for a small purse!

Beauty boost for a small purse

You may have thought that celebrities like Victoria Beckham always enjoy cosmetics and treatments that are too expensive for "ordinary people". This is probably often the case. As for the beauty of capsules with Omega 3 fish oil, but you are wrong. this Wonderful cure from the sea it is quite affordable. 365 capsules of Nu U product – a day that you should take according to a slip of up to three – cost Amazon just under 20 euros. Best of all: They are not only good for the skin, but also take care of it strong nails and shiny hair. And these are just the outward visible effects. The secret of the game lies in Omega 3 fish oil, each capsule containing a whopping 1,000 mg.

Want to help your skin achieve greater resilience? Then you should also add with omega-3 capsules hyaluronic acid capsules set. Beautecorée capsules provide you with 350 mg of pure hyaluronic acid, zinc and vitamin B12. Here you are buying them for € 22.95:

Miracle Weapon Omega 3 Fatty Acids

In her Instagram story, Victoria Beckham talked about the dietary supplement she was used to skin, but also a real fountain of youth for hair and nails. And the contained Omega 3 fatty acids, which are considered to be unsaturated "good" fatty acids, are actually vital. They are among the so-called essential fats that we need to nourish our body. Our body needs the important building materials of this fat and cannot form them. Therefore, it is worth considering taking these oils with supplements. Basically, the intake of fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna, sardines or linseed rape and chia oil is not enough.

Omega 3 fish oils are important to our brain, nerves, immune system and have an anti-inflammatory effect. But it's especially important positive impact on heart health. Because these oils stimulate blood circulation and lower blood pressure, they effectively prevent cardiovascular disease.

Fat is not the same fat – here you will learn more about the differences.

Skin effect

Omega 3 fish oil is also essential for the skin. That's the worry enough moisture and thus promotes resilience. Omega 3 cosmetic capsules also bring antioxidants and a smooth surface to the skin. This ultimately brings the desired anti-aging effect.

In addition, fish oil for skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis provides relief. They promote the production of enzymes and the absorption of vitamins in the skin and thus strengthen the immune system.

How does Hyaluron do the opposite?

Unlike omega-3 fatty acids, hyaluronan is a natural component of many connective tissues in our body. About half of hyaluronic acid – a water molecule with a huge storage function – sits in the skin. Acid provides linings. However, the proportion of hyaluronic acid decreases during life. Approximately at the age of 50, stores were half-empty. As a result, they lose resistance and elasticity. The obvious consequence is wrinkles and wrinkles.

This is where various cosmetic products appear. There are various capsules, gels, serums or injections that restore hyaluronic acid to the skin. They all have – limited – smoothing effect and Aufpolsterde effect, because they donate moisture.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Advice

Victoria Beckham chose beauty capsules containing omega 3 fish oil – and her youthful and fresh appearance proves to be a good choice. You have the opportunity to easily buy Nu U capsules in a cheap annual pack. Many satisfied customers speak for themselves, and reviews also describe improved fitness and stress resistance. Of course, you can also get information about products from other manufacturers. Anti-wrinkle products can be found at any time with a vegan product that also delivers a high dose of 1000 mg of omega 3 fish oil


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