Weight Loss Despite Carbohydrates? This is the healthiest bread 2

Weight Loss Despite Carbohydrates? This is the healthiest bread

Dinner, brunch, sandwiches … nothing to eat with fresh, delicious bread. In all variations, it is still one of the most popular basic foods in Germany – and we can definitely understand it. Not only is it so simple to make a delicious meal with bread (fresh slices, hearty cheese, other spicy bitter on top, sandwiches with jam …), it always reminds us of our childhood.

Weight Loss Despite Carbohydrates? These are the healthiest bread

Bread, like pasta and potatoes, has fallen out of favor – books like "Weizenwampe" portray porridge as a disease, and at the latest due to most diets, carbohydrates and bread are banned from the table. There are certainly breads that are healthy and can somewhat support the weight loss project (also because we last longer thanks to less waivers).

1. sourdough bread

Sourdough bread is one of the most original and traditional breads. Sourdough has only three ingredients: flour, water and a pinch of salt. But it takes time because the dough has a long way to go – so yeasts and bacterial cultures are formed, which give the acidic body its name. Because bacteria create lactic and acetic acid, they give the dough a slight thorny note. But for digestion, sourdough bread is also recommended: Acids are a welcome food for the gut flora and therefore support the natural environment of a healthy gut. This makes the bread especially digestible and easily digestible.

2. Bread from seedlings

Unlike regular bread, in this variant bread is not made from whole, hard grain, but from germinated grain. Not only is bread more digestible than classic cereal bread, it also contains a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, vegetable proteins and minerals like magnesium, calcium and zinc. Plant herbs also provide a large amount of fiber, which promotes digestion and at the same time keeps blood sugar levels constant. You stay full for so long, and the craving has no chance!

3. Whole wheat bread

Classic integral bread is one of the most popular varieties – and one of the healthiest. In order for it to be called whole grain bread, the flour must be conquered at least 90 percent of the edge layer, seedling and body of the grain of flour, which is even required by law. Advantage: Because whole grain, including shell, is ground, whole grain bread is full of nutrients like magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and fiber. Therefore, it is digested more slowly than the comparatively "empty" white flour varieties and replenishes blood sugar levels. The intestinal flora is also aided by the bread and vegetable fibers that they contain, which serve as food for good gut bacteria.

Can Weight Loss Work With Bread?

One thing is clear: you cannot lose weight, of course. Healthy and effective weight loss is still a combination of exercise, good sleep and proper nutrition. Carbohydrates are still one of the nutrients that converts most rapidly to fat and ends up on the hips (depending on the source of the carbohydrates). However, those who occasionally indulge in a slice of bread during the diet and stick to the varieties listed above are probably not only happier during weight loss but also actively support a healthy gut flora. And that, in turn, contributes significantly to our health and releases our body of energy so that metabolism and Co can work well.

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