Weight Loss: These are the 10 worst dietary errors 2

Weight Loss: These are the 10 worst dietary errors

Despite sports and nutrition, there is not much on the scale – many people who want to lose weight know the problem and know that it is not so easy to get rid of a few pounds.

But what are the reasons? What are we doing wrong? The following top ten illustrate the most common nutritional errors – and how easily we can solve them.

1. You don’t go far with extremes

Some rely on more or less radical measures, such as crash diets, fasting diets, or abstaining from dinner to lose weight.

But the extremes will not get you where you want to go: As soon as you try to lose a lot of weight quickly, you put your body on standby – and it stays in its reserves.

When he gets more food after eating, he begins to put in more reserves to prepare for the next hunger trip: the classic yo-yo effect.

2. To give up too soon

Instead of radical measures, you should therefore switch your diet over the long term. It means being patient and staying where the scale is for a long time.

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