What happens to latex when it warms up? 2

What happens to latex when it warms up?

Latex as a material for women's clothing offers designers a new means of aesthetic effort. The latex can be polished to shine that is unique to the material. The fragility of the latex requires special care to ensure the life of a garment. Keep latex away from sunlight, heat, perfume, minerals such as copper, sharp objects, oils, candles, tobacco, alcohol, sweat, water and skin. The seams of a latex garment are not glued together with seams but glued to a binder and care must be taken.

What happens to latex when it warms up? 3

White latex may be prone to other latex colors during storage.

Thermal effect on latex

Latex clothes are made of the same material as condoms and protective gloves, which break down under heat and pressure. You can literally melt under excessive heat, such as candles or radiators. Heat breaks down latex, but unlike precaution and gloves, latex clothes have seams that are just as sensitive to heat. These seams can be weakened by prolonged heat as the material breaks down gradually.

Thermal effect on color

Latex clothes are available in different colors and their consistency and brilliance make latex clothing a desirable garment. The heat can dissolve these colors, making the clothes dull. Latex dyed garments are generally prone to environmental factors such as tobacco, light and metal. Store your clothes in a cool, dark place and wrap each garment one by one. Colored clothes can dye transparent latex clothing, so make sure your colored clothes are kept separate.

Sunlight and other heat

Strong light can break down the latex as easily as heat, causing the glossy clothing to fade. If you go for a day in the sun, your latex will probably not be damaged and stored in the sunlight. It is best to keep them in bags or even in black plastic bags and fill them lightly. The heat will generally weaken the latex, making it more susceptible to tears.


Latex designer clothes can cost thousands of dollars, but even more affordable clothes can cost hundreds of dollars, so make sure you have everything in stock before you buy. Store your clothing in a cool, dark place, away from metal, oils and candles. After wearing latex, wash the laundry with a mild soap and, if shined, use an oil-free lubricant. If you do not want to wear your clothes for a long time, dust slightly with talcum powder.